Red Ember Common


Maybe the least expected part of Red Ember Common’s intro to The Forks was how familiar it felt.

“It’s a small community – it feels like the food truck community,” says co-owner, Steffen Zinn.

“We all talk and trade food at lunch so we don’t have to eat something that we made ourselves.”

After spending five years earning accolades like Top Food Truck from Canstar Community News and offering life-affirming hangover cures to Winnipeg Folk Festival campers, Red Ember has reintroduced its pizza to The Forks Market.

“It’s an exciting place to be – there’s just so many people all the time, and they like people to have their own following so they can bring new people to The Forks,” says Zinn.

While the food truck built a reputation for its wood-fired pizza – and being the largest food truck in the city – Red Ember Common has its own firsts to boast.

Pizza at Red Ember Common is cooked in a Neapolitan electric Forza Forni pizza oven – a hand-built oven from Italy – and the first of its kind in Winnipeg.

The electric infrared heat cooks pizza evenly and matches the wood fire’s impressive 90-second kitchen time.

“We buzz people and they’re like, ‘done already?’” says Zinn, of the buzzer system used by many of The Forks’ food vendors to alert people their food’s ready.

“It’s so much more consistent and much easier to use than a wood oven,” says Zinn.

This newfound ease doesn’t mean the oven’s not top-tier – in fact, Red Ember Common’s opening is being celebrated with a special ticketed event where Franco Pepe, considered to be the world’s top pizzaiolo, is visiting and serving his ultra-secret Neapolitan pizza recipe cooked in Red Ember Common’s Forza Forni oven – the same style oven he favours at home.

Other than the new oven – which came with only slight adjustments to the pizza dough to perfectly complement it – Red Ember Common is serving two of its signature pizzas from the truck, plus new favourites including a margherita and the Twist ‘n’ Sprout – a delicious blue cheese, pancetta and – you guessed – Brussels sprout-topped dish.

Pizza can be enjoyed with beer or wine from The Common, or Red Ember serves Half Pints on tap and select wines (sourced from Ellement Wine + Spirits at The Forks).

Cozy bar seating and clear glass surrounds means you can sit back, sip a beer, and watch pizza magic being made in 90 seconds.