• Feb 20

Downtown BIZ Provides $173,773 in Funding to Combat Homelessness

A night out on the street for 100 of our city’s movers and shakers at the Downtown BIZ’s 2013 CEO Sleepout pays off today as funds that were raised were invested with five Winnipeg social agencies working to tackle homelessness.

  • Feb 20

Social Agencies Benefit Big Time from Sleepout Fundraiser

Five social agencies will be receiving $173,000 in Downtown Biz funding to provide the homeless with 24,070 hours of employment.

  • Feb 06

A Feast For The Winter Brave

40 Winnipeggers and international delegates attending Winnipeg’s first Winter Cycling Congress will take part in an urban tour of restaurants through an environmentally-friendly and energizing mode of transportation.

  • Feb 05

BIZ Job Posting: Maintenance Coordinator

The BIZ is looking for a positive hardworking leader that loves working outdoors year round and is a “jack of all trades” to take on the position of Maintenance Coordinator.

  • Feb 04

18 New Investments In Chinatown, A Multicultural And Vibrant District

Chinatown saddles up to 18 new district banners today as part of the Downtown BIZ’s annual Chinatown Banner Competition, which celebrates the cheerful, talented, and clever perceptiveness of those born in the Year of the Horse.

  • Jan 10

BIZ Job Posting: Manager, Events & Sponsorship

Are you a dynamic, motivated individual, passionate about our downtown? The Downtown BIZ wants you to join our team to manage events and promote downtown Winnipeg.

  • Dec 19

2013 Top 10 Downtown Achievements

As the holiday season nears, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped to shape our city in a significant way. Before we ring in the New Year, the BIZ takes a moment to look back on the year that was and what has been accomplished downtown.

  • Dec 04

A Refreshed Plan for Downtown

Over 150 BIZ members and downtown stakeholders attended the Downtown BIZ’s 25th Annual General Meeting, to celebrate the fast-moving progress occurring at the heart of our city, and to highlight the BIZ’s achievements in 2013.

  • Dec 02

“Be the Hand” on the MTS TV Fireplace

It’s time for Winnipeggers to get fired up again – the chance to be the hand tending the Yule Log on the MTS TV Fireplace is back!

  • Sep 27

CEO Sleepout Raises $191,644

100 Winnipeg CEOs, community leaders, and members of the media, spent last night at Portage & Main to raise awareness for homelessness and poverty issues in our city, at the Downtown BIZ’s 3rd annual CEO Sleepout. Together they helped raise $191,644 to employ people who are homeless.