Manitoba Legislative Building



There is so much that’s interesting and spooky about the Manitoba Legislative building, it’s almost hard to know where to start!

Remember the Masonic Temple that started out your Downtown Ghost Ride Adventure? Well – the Manitoba Legislative Building was designed by architect Frank Worthington Simon and contains a HUGE amount of Masonic AND occult symbolism!

A few of the spooky features of the Leg are:

  • Egyptian hieroglyphics written on the roof, invoking the Egyptian Sun God, Ra.
  • Sphynxes that flank either side of the triangle over the main entrance, that have the name of the Egyptian king Thutnose III engraved on their chests. Thutnose III – who lived 3,500 years ago –  is believed to be the original founder of Freemasonry.
  • The number 13 figures predominantly – there are 13 stairs in the 3 flights of the main interior staircase, 13 stones in the archway, 13 lights in every hallway and the bison, flanking the steps, are each precisely 13 feet in length.
  • The number 666 also features, with the main room measuring 66.6 feet in length by 66.6 feet in width.
  • The Pool of the Black Star – a room beneath the Rotunda, with a black star on the floor- is built in such a way that if you stand dead-centre of the star in the middle of the room and whisper, anyone else in the room can hear you as clearly as if you were speaking right beside them. 
  • There’s a depiction of the Ark of the Covenant – supposedly where Moses placed the 10 Commandments (see Raiders of the Lost Ark…) on the roof above the East Entrance.  It has been sealed and requests to open the Ark have always been denied.  Who knows what it may contain!

According to Winnipegger, Dr. Frank Albo, who has written a fascinating book on the Manitoba Legislature entitled “The Hermetic Code: Unlocking One of Manitoba’s Greatest Secrets”, Simon built the Manitoba Legislature according to the layout of the ancient Temple of Solomon. 

Many different ghosts have been spotted wandering the halls of the Leg – with the hallway to the right of the grand stairway seeing the most activity.  Nightly “meetings” can be heard as you walk down the hall, even though there’s no one else around. There’s also a ghost in a top hat that has been seen descending the staircase and other ghosts in 1900 garb who have been witnessed in a heated debate.

Is it any wonder that the Manitoba Legislative building, the building designed as a Temple, has a number of spirits that even death hasn’t deterred from showing up for meetings?