Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Gift Card

Local social media influencer, Peg City Lovely, uses a card at the cashier at Pokemono.

Purchase a Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Gift Card online or at our office on 426 Portage Ave.

If you have a special request or would like to inquire about a bulk order, please contact us at info@downtownwinnipegbiz.com

Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Gift Cards are accepted at almost 200 businesses located within the Downtown Winnipeg Business Improvement Zone. More businesses will continue to be added to the list, so check back often.

A list of participating businesses in the Downtown Winnipeg Business Improvement Zone can be found at downtownwinnipeggiftcard.com. More continue to be added so please keep checking back.

Gift cards can be purchased online or in person at Downtown Family Foods and the Jets Gear Canada Life Centre.

There is no e-card at this time. The Downtown Winnipeg Gift Card is a physical gift card.

Visit www.getmybalance.com or call or 1-833-558-1108 to check your card balance.

Check your balance online at: www.getmybalance.com

• Purchases exceeding the card balance will be declined. For example, if you are trying to make a purchase of $40 and the balance of your card is only $30, you will need to inform the merchant so they know to do a split tender. Otherwise, the transaction may be declined.

• If you’ve checked your balance online or by phone and are still having trouble with your gift card, please contact us info@downtownwinnipegbiz.com.

No. Gift cards come already activated. Purchase your gift card and start swiping at your favourite downtown shops, restaurants or service businesses. Gift cards can be purchased at Downtown Family Foods and the Jets Gear Canada Life Centre. In the future, they will be available for purchase online.

Gift card funds do not expire. Please note that the card is not reloadable, and you cannot make cash withdrawals.

Depending on the business, you may or may not be able to use the gift card online. Unfortunately, online payment providers do not allow split payments. Purchases cannot exceed the available limit on the Downtown Winnipeg Gift Card.

If you are trying to use the card to pay for a transaction that exceeds the card’s available funds, the card will be declined. For example, if your card has a balance of $30 and you are trying to pay for a $40 transaction, the card will be declined. In this case, you will need to request to have $30 applied to the card and pay for the remaining amount another way. Most businesses can split transactions this way but it’s important to check with the business beforehand. Please keep track of your balance, so you know how much to request to apply to your gift card.

Gift cards are non-refundable. The gift card finds do not expire so there is no time limit for redemption.

If you have multiple gift cards to use, you may want to use more than one for your purchase. The limit per transaction may vary by business. Please check with the store, restaurant or service business before you visit.  

Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Gift Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company. Card funds are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) or any other government deposit insurer or agency. Funds do not expire, non-reloadable and no cash access. For Cardholder Agreement or Customer Service: www.getmybalance.com or 1-833-558-1108.