Downtown Sounds

Downtown Sounds

We’re in this together. One day soon, Downtown Winnipeg will be the place to gather together again. Until then, let’s come together to support the artists, the business owners, the places and the people that make our downtown a vibrant and diverse destination.

Downtown Sounds brings you a new video every day May 25 – 30 featuring a local Manitoba artist at a special downtown location. We miss you…and we’ll see you soon.

Downtown Sounds at Chinatown with Synonym Art Consultation x Studio 393

  • DJs/Producer: DJ Kilusan Boogey the Beat
  • Dancers: Majo & DJ Kilusan
  • Track: Buffalo
  • Location: Chinatown, Downtown Winnipeg

Downtown Sounds at Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club with Sweet Alibi

  • Artist: Sweet Alibi
  • Song: Confetti
  • Location: Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club, Downtown Winnipeg

Downtown Sounds at the CMHR with the WSO Quartet

  • Artists: Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Quartet
  • Song: Calum’s Road
  • Location: Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Downtown Winnipeg

Downtown Sounds at the Winnipeg Art Gallery with Sierra Noble

  • Artist: Sierra Noble
  • Song: Let Me Out of Here
  • Location: Winnipeg Art Gallery, Downtown Winnipeg

Downtown Sounds at The Forks with Leonard Sumner

  • Artist: Leonard Sumner
  • Song: Sun Comin’ Around
  • Location: The Forks, Downtown Winnipeg