WPA Awarded


The Winnipeg Parking Authority Staff Recognized by International Institute
Winnipeg’s Parking Authority has been recognized by the International Parking Institute with several major awards.
Winnipeg staff were recognized with 3 professional awards in five categories; recipients were David Hill, Chief Operating Officer, who was recognized as Parking Professional of the Year, and with a Chairman’s Award for service to the industry; and Nicole Harris of Group 4 Securicor, who received a second as Staff Member of the Year for her work as a Team Leader in the Compliance Section.
The IPI is the largest association in the world representing all levels of government, public and private sector parking and transportation facilities and services, as well as its associated professional, technical and service support community. Based near Washington, DC, the Institute has over 3,000 members representing over 800 organizations, including 200 North American municipalities.
“The spotlight has certainly been on Winnipeg in the last couple of years”, said Cindy Campbell, Chair of the Institute, “ your Parking Authority is doing ground breaking work in establishing new customer service and efficiency standards, and in performing service to the community. It is vision far beyond what we normally see, it’s where we want to go in our industry, and we wanted to acknowledge that”.
Overall, the Winnipeg Parking Authority received a second place finish as Parking Organization of the Year. “I’d have rather been first”, said David Hill, Chief Operating Officer” but understanding that this is an international peer recognition and not a competition, and that we have achieved this stature for our city in five short years, I’m pretty honoured”.
The City of Winnipeg created the WPA to operate municipal parking facilities and services in 2005. In 2008, downtown parking services received top notch endorsement from the International Downtown Association and the Canadian Parking Association.
Earlier this year, the WPA was identified by Manitoba Business Magazine as one of the Province’s Top 75 Companies. David Hill also received a Mayor’s Business Improvement award for his work with the Downtown BIZ
“Our Board was unanimous”, said Stefano Grande, Executive Director of the Downtown BIZ, “our city parking environment is vastly better than it was years ago, it’s great for business, and we appreciate the the City’s leadership in getting us there”.
“It’s good to see these people striving for excellence”.