Tackling Addiction & Homelessness Together


MEDIA RELEASE June 14, 2018


Tackling Addiction & Homelessness Together

The community Homelessness Assistance Team (CHAT) is determined to help those most in need of our services and to tackle issues associated with addiction and homelessness.

That’s why we have gathered many of the City’s and Provinces most engaged agencies to discuss the topics of homelessness and drug addiction. By learning from each other, it is our hope that we can do more to identify youth-at-risk and offer early interventions.

“CHAT does great work and really flies under-the-radar. That’s because they are so focused on outcomes, but they are deserving of credit for the work they continue to do to improve our downtown and Winnipeg as a whole,” said Downtown Winnipeg BIZ CEO Stefano Grande.

This gathering, called ‘Heart and Soles’ is designed to bring thought-leaders in the area of homelessness and addiction together to collaborate on ways to make us all better and by extension our communities more healthy. It includes topics like addiction and addressing it early as well as the managing of tent cities and panhandling.