Snow Clearing on Sidewalks is a Top BIZ Priority


DECEMBER 20, 2016



Winnipeg, Manitoba – Winter finally arrived in Winnipeg last week, but the first snowfall of the season did not hinder the enjoyment or safety of the thousands of Winnipeggers who live, work and visit downtown. That’s because the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Metro Enviro Team was out in full force the moment that it began to snow – and we’re out again today with the recent snowfall.

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Metro Enviro Team works to keep the downtown clean, beautiful and accessible. The team operates year round, picking up litter, washing bus shelter windows and removing graffiti tags from exterior walls, but in the winter the team’s main focus turns to snow and ice removal.

“It is the team’s focus right after a snowfall to ensure access and safety is restored to sidewalks as soon as possible,” explains Stephanie Voyce, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s Manager of Placemaking, and Cleanliness & Transportation.

To accomplish this, the 22 member Metro Enviro Team of full, part time and contract employees generally works back to back shifts from the moment it begins to snow. Using a stockpile of shovels, plows, brooms and ice picks, the team clears snow and ice from the neighbourhood’s main pedestrian areas, including sidewalks, intersection curb ramps, building and storefront entrances, and the pavement immediately surrounding bus stops, bus shelters and parking pay stations.

In fact, the Metro Enviro Team is committed to clearing all snow and ice from the downtown’s four main pedestrian zones – Broadway, Portage, Graham and the 11 block Sports, Hospitality and Entertainment District known as SHED – within four hours of a snowfall!

This commitment ensures that downtowners – whether they are walking to the office, catching a bus, running into an appointment or shopping for holiday gifts – do not have to worry about cautiously maneuvering through snow drifts or gingerly walking on thin ice.

Once these high traffic pedestrian areas are cleared, the Metro Enviro Team then turns its attention to secondary sidewalks, as well as the areas surrounding outdoor benches, sculptures and planters. It continues its work throughout the winter, whether there is light, heavy or no snowfall at all, constantly chipping away at ice, and sweeping, salting and sanding on an ongoing basis in order to reinforce the downtown’s accessibility and safety.

The Metro Enviro Team always works in conjunction with the City of Winnipeg snow removal services, but usually is the first on the scene on downtown sidewalks after a snowfall. This collaboration is really key to achieving the clear sidewalks we all desire. Additionally, the Metro Enviro Team works closely with partners including Winnipeg Transit and the Winnipeg Parking Authority to ensure timely removal of snow around bus shelters and unloading/loading areas, plus up to and around parking stations. Other area partners, including True North, also contribute to the snow-clearing efforts in the downtown

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ recognizes that quick and efficient snow removal must always remain a priority.

Safe and clean sidewalks, and unencumbered access to and from the area, after all, help ensure that downtown Winnipeg remains an attractive, vibrant and exciting gathering place for all Winnipeggers all of the time, even in the middle of the snowiest winter.

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