Safety & Outreach Teams Win Mayor’s BIZ Award


May 24, 2017


Downtown Winnipeg — The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Safety & Outreach teams were recently recognized in the Mayor’s BIZ Awards. Congratulations to the Downtown Watch and the CHAT team.

Our downtown has seen many significant changes in the past few years and although there is still important work to be done, there are also many things to be proud of. The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, specifically Safety & Outreach, has played a huge role in the progress that we’ve seen and the perceptions that have changed. They have been and continue to be a champion for our downtown community, and their frontline efforts have shaped the way we view, work, live and play downtown.

Since 1995, the Watch Ambassadors have been a visible, helpful presence in our community. Whether it be walking someone to their vehicle at night or just recently reuniting a family that was missing a loved one, they have consistently remained a helping hand to people in the downtown area. The Safety Team works hard to coordinate their efforts with key groups such as, the Winnipeg Police Service, the Winnipeg Fire & Paramedic Service, and Winnipeg Transit, just to name a few. Together their efforts have been instrumental in creating a positive and safe downtown atmosphere.

The Community Homeless Assistance Team (CHAT) is no exception.  As the only service that has a regular presence on the streets of downtown Winnipeg, they work to develop trusting relationships with our homeless community and play a vital role in connecting them with social agencies that serve to enhance wellness and connect to permanent housing. The CHAT Team is unique in their approach to reducing homelessness in that their intervention occurs on the streets – at places where individuals are most comfortable and feel a sense of familiarity. Through their demonstrated compassion, our homeless community continues to be connected with the supports that they require.

Safety & Outreach is critical to the BIZ and our strategic partners: our Mayor, the City of Winnipeg and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries. Collectively our overall goal is to see a thriving, healthy downtown, one where we can all feel safe, included, and respected. Shawn Matthews, Director of Safety & Outreach, Amanda Chalmers, Supervisor of Safety and Christy Loudon, CHAT Outreach Coordinator have done an incredible job leading their teams and their work is reflected in the people they serve on a daily basis who feel safe in downtown, who reunite with a loved one or connect with an agency that eventually helps them out of homelessness. The results of their work prove that they are moving in the right direction.

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