Rapid Transit Coming to Town


The City and Province announced plans for the first phase of a $327-million rapid transit system. The designated corridor will connect the University of Manitoba to downtown, running parallel to Pembina Highway from Bison Drive to Main Street, with a leg linking to the University of Winnipeg. The route will run alongside the current railroad tracks—meaning no loss of a lane on Pembina Highway—and will include a bicycle path.

The $138-million first stage of the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor will connect Jubilee Avenue to The Forks with a second, future sate to run from Jubilee to Bison Drive. “

Mayor Sam Katz says the focus is on “providing Winnipeggers with quick, reliable and green transportation alternatives at a time when gas prices are at an unprecedented high.”

The Downtown BIZ has been strongly advocating for rapid transit. The BIZ spearheaded an initiative that saw a two-page spread in the Free Press centering on why rapid transit is important to different people, and we also partnered with groups like the Winnipeg Rapid Transit Coalition on several events and initiatives to promote rapid transit.