Placemaking Pop-Ups


Placemaking Pop-ups

Winnipeg Public Toilet Pop-up Initiative

Winnipeg’s most popular portable bathroom – the bright orange, architecturally designed twin toilet facility that enjoyed its first run last summer – has returned to the city’s downtown.

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ-sponsored toilet, designed by BridgmanCollaborative Architecture, will be open for business at the corner of Main Street and Henry Avenue beginning today until the seasons change. The site is immediately adjacent to Thunderbird House and the Salvation Army Booth Centre, a location chosen to serve the needs of core-area individuals who may lack reliable access to public washrooms.

The pop-up toilet is returning to Winnipeg streets thanks to a partnership with the Main Street Project. The agency’s employees and clients will play a lead role in staffing the toilet kiosk, and will provide outreach services to users as needed.

The pop-up toilet will operate from 7:30am to 4pm, seven days a week (subject to change).

In 2018 this unique facility “popped-up” in several downtown locations from June-September as a collaboration between the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, Bridgman Collaborative Architecture and Siloam Mission.

Thank you to Randy Turner and the Winnipeg Free Press for a feature on the Pop-Up toilets. Here’s a link to the article:

Pop-Up Parks

This summer, you’re invited to slow down and enjoy some outside space in Pop-Up Parks downtown.

Pop-Up Parks can be found in summer 2019 near Kennedy at Graham, Edmonton at Graham and Broadway at Hargrave.

In 2018, the Pop-Ups Parks extended the sidewalk in two locations, Kennedy at Graham and Hargrave at Portage, to create a space for pedestrians to utilize to enjoy the outdoors.

Kennedy + Graham        

Hargrave + Portage

Thank you to Jessica Botelho-Urbanski and the Winnipeg Free Press for a feature on the Pop-Up Parks. Read the article HERE.

Pop-Up Back Alley

The back alley behind Mountain Equipment Co-op (303 Portage Avenue) has been transformed. The Stantec Consulting project, Cielo Raso,  transformed the alley with lights that change colour based on the time of day. The alley is now a destination for hosting events. If you have an event you’d like to hold in the alley, please reach out to the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ at or 204-958-4640.

A huge THANK YOU to the City of Winnipeg for their support for all of these Pop-Up initiatives.