The Enviro Team

Our Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Enviro Team helps keep the downtown clean and looking great. The Enviro Team pick up litter, water flowers, remove graffiti, remove posters, and clean downtown’s sidewalks every day. Starting early every morning, sidewalk machines sweep and wash downtown, and in the winter two snow plows clear major sidewalks of ice and light snow. The Enviro Team also picks up more than 5,000 bags of litter every year!

The team includes:

  • bus shelter cleaning crew
  • summer cleaning crew
  • evening shift litter (daily)
  • dedicated graffiti removal team
  • flower watering team
  • sidewalk sweeper team (summer) / sidewalk snow removal team (winter)
  • 2 Clean Team Supervisors and 1 Maintenance Coordinator
  • Two deluxe sidewalk sweepers
  • Two snow plows/sweepers
  • Watering carts and graffiti removal carts

The City of Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press and Siloam Mission’s “Mission: Off the Streets Team” (MOST) add to the clean-and-green efforts.

Cleanliness Services Include:

Graffiti Removal

Two Clean Team members are dedicated to fighting graffiti year round in our downtown. They pressure wash buildings and match paint samples to remove tags and keep downtown looking great. With these staff, the BIZ is able to maintain a positive impression of downtown Winnipeg.

The BIZ recognizes that a lot of graffiti and litter lead to perceptions that an area is not safe. The mere presence of graffiti and litter often lead to more graffiti and litter, which encourages vandalism and even crime, because it sends a message that an area is not well-cared for and no one is looking after the neighbourhood. Through our Enviro-Team members and many programs, the BIZ sends the message that we are taking care of our downtown.

Pressure Washing

The BIZ Enviro-Team crews will spray down awnings, building facades, doors and windows in minutes… and it’s FREE for Downtown BIZ members!

Want your business cleaner? Call 204-958-4640 to book an appointment.

Cigarette Butt Receptacle Program

Did you know the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Enviro Team picks up about 125 cigarette butts and six cigarette packages on each block of downtown each day? Help the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and Take Pride Winnipeg! fight cigarette butt litter by participating in our Anti-Cigarette Butt Litter Campaign!

  • BIZ will install a cigarette butt receptacle at no cost
  • BIZ and Take Pride Winnipeg! will provide catchy signage for first month receptacle in place (to remind smokers to use receptacle)
  • BIZ and Take Pride Winnipeg! will provide educational material to distribute to employees and customers
  • BIZ will be on hand for graffiti removal on receptacles
  • Business responsible for emptying and maintaining

After the first month, businesses can keep the cigarette butt receptacles permanently by signing up for a cost-sharing program with the BIZ (limited number of receptacles available)

  • Downtown BIZ will contribute 25% of the receptacle cost
  • Take Pride Winnipeg will contribute 25%
  • Participating business will contribute 50%

For more information email Tracey at or to sign up, or fill out the Anti-Cigarette Receptacle Order Form

Earth Day

The Downtown BIZ works hard every year to encourage downtown businesses and community to take ownership of their neighborhood. The Earth Day Clean Up is a downtown tradition, which is supported by approximately 300 business and community members who take over downtown streets each April at the BIZ’s annual Earth Day Clean Up in honor of National Earth Day. This day-long event is part of the BIZ’s overall efforts to clean the downtown, which sees members of the BIZ Enviro-Team vacuuming up litter, removing graffiti, removing posters, power washing bus shelters and sweeping sidewalks.