Safety & Outreach

Downtown Community Safety Partnership

We all want a clean, safe and inclusive downtown where everyone feels safe and welcome. Working to support downtown safety is an ongoing priority for the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and our partners.

5 members of the DSCP team stand under a bridge near the Forks in Winnipeg.

The Downtown Community Safety Partnership (DCSP) contributes to community wellness by providing non-emergency response, outreach and intervention to those experiencing complex issues in Winnipeg’s downtown. By focusing on a person-centred approach, the teams provide services that deliver long-term solutions for the entire downtown community. 

In short, the DCSP helps the downtown community by connecting people looking for assistance with the resources, services, and outreach they need while also offering a proactive presence on the street 24/7. 

As a founding partner, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ continues to collaborate with the DCSP to find solutions for both our members and downtown’s unsheltered population. Through this partnership, we continue to play a crucial role in making downtown safer, more inclusive and more welcoming.