Peggy Wins Award!



October 14, 2011
DOWNTOWN WINNIPEG—Downtown Peggy has gone global. The Downtown BIZ’s spunky downtown character has been recognized internationally with a Downtown Pinnacle Award at the International Downtown Association Annual Conference and Tradeshow in South Carolina this September.
The initiative was among 11 qualified entries in the category of Marketing and Communication. This category highlights plans or strategies that used, print, electronic media, or multimedia efforts to promote downtown and further the value of city centres.
Downtown Peggy was created by the Downtown BIZ marketing team and Guppy Graphic Design, located in downtown Winnipeg, in 2009. Since then, Downtown Peggy has become the go-to gal for all things downtown. She blogs, Facebooks and tweets several times a week about shopping, dining and entertainment in downtown Winnipeg. She hit radio station Hot 103’s Ace Burpee’s list of top 100 most fascinating Manitobans last December (at #96). Peggy has even received marriage proposals!
 “Downtown Peggy is the positive face and voice of downtown Winnipeg,” says Stefano Grande, Downtown BIZ executive director. “Peggy is an active voice in social media communities and is influencing people to go to downtown events, restaurants and shops.”
“The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s project received this prestigious award for demonstrating excellence in downtown management,” said David Downey, IDA President and CEO. “Each year the IDA Awards Jury honours the very best programs and projects in each category to recognize great work and most importantly to set the standard for best practice in our industry. Downtown Peggy is a wonderful example of social media and marketing for all downtowns to emulate.”
The Washington, D.C. based International Downtown Association (IDA) is a champion for vital and livable urban centers and strives to inform, influence, and inspire downtown leaders and advocates. With 550 members and thousands of friends, IDA is a guiding force in creating healthy and dynamic centers that anchor the well-being of towns, cities, and regions.
The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ runs programs to improve and promote downtown and is a member of the International Downtown Association. Downtown Peggy also received a Spirit of Winnipeg Award from the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce this year.
Peggy Facts
  • averages about 5,000 visits per month with 12,330 visits in June
  • Peggy has 3,335 Twitter followers and growing every day
  • Peggy followers say Peggy influenced them: 68% go to an event; 66% go to a restaurant; 56% go to a downtown shop (2011 Peggy follower survey)
  • 33.8% said they are more positive about downtown now after following Peggy (56.6% said they were positive about downtown before) (2011 Peggy follower survey)
Some comments from followers of Downtown Peggy:
“Hi Peggy, My friend and I have had season tickets to MTC for many years. We usually go out for dinner before the show, thanks to your idea to “pledge to shop downtown”, we have decided to eat downtown this whole season. We started the season off with a bang…Thanks Peggy!” – Gina, Peggy follower
 “I think Peggy is AWESOME!!! I live downtown and work in the oilsands of AB, so when I am home I am always looking for one central spot for the events happening in my home downtown Winnipeg area and Peggy has it covered, such a GREAT resource. Keep it up Peggy and Keep it Classy!!” – Peggy Survey respondent
 “Just keep the info coming you are doing a great job. I would never really go downtown before and now I find myself here more often than before and not just to see a show or hockey game at the MTS Centre.” – Peggy Survey respondent
 “Major oversight! All this time on Twitter and I haven’t been following the incomparable @DowntownPeggy. Corrected: now.” -Twitter follower
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