New Downtown Anti-Litter Campaign Launched


November 7, 2012


Downtown Winnipeg – This fall, the Downtown BIZ and Take Pride Winnipeg! are putting a new face to the efforts to keep downtown clean! Unveiled on November 7th at 246 Portage Avenue, the BIZ’s Metro Enviro Man shared his “101 Reasons Not to Litter” list, encouraging the public to keep our city clean and green.

“Downtown Winnipeg is clean, green and inviting, let’s keep it that way,” Metro Enviro Man proudly proclaimed. “It’s easy to forget how our actions can have an impact – but when you remember to throw your trash or cigarette butts in a receptacle, you’re helping make the community more vibrant, welcoming, and enjoyable for everyone!”

With support from Take Pride Winnipeg!, the BIZ encourages the public to dispose of litter in a better way. Starting November 7 and ending December 5, Metro Enviro Man will be collecting your pledges to not litter downtown with your reasons why – with each pledge judged by the public for a chance to win 1 of 3 downtown entertainment prizes valued at $100 each.

“Hundreds of thousands of pounds of litter are removed from Winnipeg streets and parks each year by volunteer groups, BIZ organizations and City staff. Help us reduce this amount,” said Tom Ethans, Executive Director of Take Pride Winnipeg! “It is very simple – use litter containers and cigarette butt receptacles. Keep your personal garbage in your hands until you get to a container. If each person does their part, we can have a clean Winnipeg all year round.”

Each week during November, Metro Enviro Man will also reveal 1 of his many “101 Reasons Not to Litter” online on the BIZ’s Facebook and Twitter, asking participants to spot these reasons downtown on garbage bins, signage on the street, or on cigarette receptacles – for a chance to win prizes.

“With winter just around the corner, this is a friendly reminder for people to not throw their trash on the ground,” said Stefano Grande, Downtown BIZ Executive Director. “The snow covers the litter and our Metro Enviro-Team can’t pick it all up like they do in the summer. Come spring, there’s a huge clean up job once the snow melts to reveal the winter’s collection of litter.”

Members of the BIZ Metro Enviro-Team along with Metro Enviro Man will be rewarding business owners and the downtown community with Tim Hortons gift cards when they see people throwing their trash in the garbage, helping promote a greener and clean city centre.

About the Downtown BIZ Metro Enviro-Team
Downtown cleanliness is a priority for the Downtown BIZ, which has 20 Metro Enviro-Team staff in the summer and 13 staff in the winter. The Metro Enviro-Team is dedicated to litter removal, sidewalk sweeping, flower watering and tending, cleaning bus shelters, graffiti removal, poster removal and more. Portage and Graham Avenue are sidewalk vacuumed every weekday morning before 9am. The city and Siloam Mission’s Mission: Off the Streets Team (MOST) also add to the positive clean-and-green efforts downtown.

About Take Pride Winnipeg!
Take Pride Winnipeg! is a private, non-profit charity, dedicated to inspiring community pride, raising public awareness and promoting citizen responsibility in keeping the city of Winnipeg clean and beautiful. This includes supporting litter cleanup and prevention campaigns. For more information on Take Pride Winnipeg! programs, please visit

To learn more about Metro Enviro Man and the BIZ’s anti-litter campaign, visit


For more information, please contact:
Jason Syvixay, Public Relations Coordinator
Ph: (204) 958-4635; Cell: 997-3040