Lights on Broadway Winner!

The winner of the world class Lights on Broadway lighting design competition has been awarded: EPIC Production Technologies!
After the lighting demonstration at the Lights on Broadway event in September 2010 and several meetings at which the Lights on Broadway committee jury considered the technical and environmental details of each proposal, the jury determined EPIC’s concept allows for the best overall lighting design out of the three participating companies.
The most exciting component presented by EPIC was their LED technology. The colour of the lights can be programmed to change at a moment’s notice at no additional cost, allowing for a dynamic celebration of events such as Canada Day (red and white lights). The jury also liked that EPIC’s design could be implemented without any attachments to the trees—the best choice for the on-going health of Broadway’s signature elms.
The next step is to work with EPIC to create a final lighting design that delivers a world-class “wow” factor unique to Winnipeg. The Downtown BIZ and the Lights on Broadway committee (LOB) members will be launching a capital campaign to light up Broadway permanently, year round.
Ida Albo, Chairperson of the LOB committee, will be spearheading fundraising efforts to raise the required capital upon approval of the final lighting design with EPIC.
“The LOB committee and I are committed to finalizing a world class lighting design which will win the hearts and minds of Winnipeggers and our corporate community, and allow Winnipeg to remain in the minds of visitors and tourists as they stroll along Broadway,” says Albo, managing partner the Fort Garry Hotel on Broadway.
The public may get their first peek of the lighting design as early as this year’s Lights on Broadway event on Saturday, September 10.
“We at EPIC Production Technologies are thrilled to be awarded the Lights on Broadway Competition; we truly feel that it will be a Marquee for the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba. With so many landmarks being established we know we can make this truly our own for generations to enhance and feel proud of the downtown. We look forward to entering into a partnership with the Downtown BIZ and creating a world class design that the citizens of Winnipeg will be proud of,” says Gary Sywake, EPIC Sales Consultant & Project Manager.
While the public and the jury ranked the Gian Rocco lighting demonstration as number one for “wow” factor at the event—with its spectacular white lights and icicle drops—the complete evaluation by the jury on several technical factors resulted in an overall lower ranking.
EPIC’s design was closely rated second by the public, with its light wash of changing colours and a dramatically illuminated pole that could be seen from a distance. Not far behind was Bliss Lights, which covered the tree canopy, ground, and people walking by with tiny green lights, thanks to a safe laser technology.
Lights on Broadway, a festival which attracted an estimated 30,000 people over a warm weekend in September 2010, featured a lighting design competition that saw three firms from across North America each light up a block along Broadway. Thousands of people sporting blinking blue stars and candles strolled the boulevards on the night of Saturday, September 11, voting on the light display they liked best.
“What an absolutely amazing experience it was to walk down Broadway’s boulevard with thousands of people checking out the lighting displays in September,” says Albo. “We are very excited to work with EPIC to light up Broadway permanently.”
The committee jury consists of several key people from Winnipeg’s artistic and business communities as well as experts on lighting and tree health. The designs were evaluated based on artistic and technical merit, including energy efficiency, with the health of the trees being paramount. In addition, the jury looked at annual operating costs, maintenance costs, and how the design could minimize possible vandalism issues. At the heart of the project are the majestic elm trees on Broadway, and the winning lighting design must have no damaging effect on the trees.
Lights on Broadway is sponsored by Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Homecoming 2010, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, and the Hotel Fort Garry.