Grab some groceries

When you’re downtown, you don’t have to look too far for grocery goods.

Gotta get some gochujang? Can’t find kombu? Swing by Chinatown to visit Sun Wah Supermarket and Oriental Market Company! They’re the go-to for ingredients like noodles, fresh produce, frozen fish and sushi supplies.

Searching for spices? Eldana Store has a superb selection of spices, nuts and dried fruits, and an array of Ethiopian and Eritrean foods.

Winnipeg restaurant menu items you cook at home, delectable deli meats and cheeses, fresh-baked breads, grab-and-go meals — Mottola Grocery is innovating the grocery shopping experience. 

Your Downtown Family Foods has all your grocery staples and serves up hot food on the go. If you’re having an office lunch party, check out their catering menu.

Need bread? Head to Tall Grass Bakery at The Forks for loaves, pies, cookies and their famous cinnamon buns. Look across the hallway to find their sister store, Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen. They have hot meals, preserves, pastas and some of the best pickles around!

From foodie favourites to a selection of staples, your downtown grocery stores will keep you stocked.