Graham Mall Undergoes Facelift


July 3, 2018


Winnipeg, Manitoba – Graham Mall has been a major transit corridor and continues to be, but over the past few years the Avenue has undergone a transformation and has become one of the hidden gems in downtown Winnipeg.

Over the weekend Graham Mall received a long overdue facelift to keep pace with what private enterprise has done in the area.


“Graham Mall has become home to the Jets, Manitoba Hydro and a number of new businesses that have brought the avenue back to life. It really is the poster-child for how the downtown is revitalizing so we’re doing our part to make the avenue even more inviting,” said Downtown Winnipeg BIZ CEO Stefano Grande.


“We are pleased to work in partnership with the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ in the development of this new strategy and brand for Graham Avenue,” said Angela Mathieson President and CEO of CentreVenture.  “Graham is growing with new businesses, new residents, and exciting new architecture.  This new look matches the bright modern future of this important transit corridor.”


In addition to the obvious new banners, there will be a number of other initiatives in the coming months designed to highlight this hidden gem of downtown Winnipeg.


Those looking for a place to sit and soak it all up can do so in our new Pop-up Park.  Things are happening on Graham and the new banners and branding is just the beginning.


About the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

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