Fort Garry Hotel



Built in 1913, by the Grand Pacific Trunk Railway, the Fort Garry Hotel is one of Canada’s grand railway hotels, built at a time when Winnipeg was the booming “Chicago of the North”.  Located one block from the railway’s Union Station, the Hotel was the tallest structure in Winnipeg when it was built. 

While there have been accounts of ghostly activity throughout the Fort Garry Hotel, it’s most famous for it’s haunted hotel room – room #202. 

The story goes that a newlywed couple stayed in room 202 one night in the 1920s.  The young bride felt poorly and her husband went out in search of headache pills.  Tragically he was struck and killed by a horse-drawn cart.  Overcome by grief, the wife committed suicide by hanging herself in the closet.  To this day, guests staying the night in room #202 have reported glimpsing a person sitting at the foot of the bed, forever waiting for her groom to return.

During a 2004 Liberal Caucus retreat, former Ontario MP Brenda Chamberlain, a guest in room #202, claimed that she was woken twice during the night by the sensation of some one getting into bed with her! She was so spooked that she ran down to the front desk in her night gown and insisted on a change of room for the rest of her stay.

The bride from room #202 is also said to haunt the Palm Lounge and has been seen by staff and guests crying to herself in a corner.

There have been other reports of ghostly presences in other rooms throughout the Fort Garry Hotel, with many feeling a presence at the foot of the bed.  Another legend claims that a regular hotel guest requests a specific room in the hotel which is visited by a lady in a white ball gown.  There is proof that a Lady McMillan who wore a “white laced brocaded gown” stayed in the hotel for it’s grand opening on December 10, 1913.

With over 100 years as a hotel, the Hotel Fort Garry has definitely had some hotel guests check in….who have never checked out….