The First Lights on Broadway Sculpture Has Been Officially Turned On


NOVEMBER 21, 2016



Over the past few weeks, Winnipeggers may have wondered about the new structure being erected on the Broadway median at the corner of Edmonton Street. The sculpture, entitled heaven between, has been installed as part of the City of Winnipeg’s public art collection, and was created through the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Public Art Program.

“I know Winnipeggers will be delighted by this stunning artwork that reflects the history of this grand boulevard while adding more beauty to our public spaces.” -Carol A. Phillips, Executive Director, Winnipeg Arts Council.

The Winnipeg Arts Council (WAC) has envisioned artwork for Broadway for many years while the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ has also worked for years toward creatively lighting the avenue. These two visions have come together in heaven between, the first permanent light-based sculpture for Broadway. According to artist Bill Pechet, the dome shape of the new piece was inspired by the rooftops of significant buildings on the boulevard. Framed by the domes of the Legislative Building at one end of Broadway, and Union Station at the other, the artwork is patterned with cut out silhouettes of elm leaves. This intricate design casts light on the ground while reflecting the trees that line the street, planted over one hundred years ago by visionary city-makers.

The WAC Public Art Program has become a model for other municipalities across Canada. WAC was recently honoured with a national award for Excellence in Public Art by the Creative City Network of Canada. Winnipeg was the first city to receive this award, which recognizes a Canadian municipality that demonstrates visionary leadership by supporting an excellent program and process leading to a successful public art program.

Since the program’s inception, over fifty public art projects have been installed in neighbourhoods all over the city and many more are in development. A growing outreach program of tours, talks and events brings the public in at every level.

About artist Bill Pechet

Bill Pechet, based in Vancouver but with roots in Winnipeg, received degrees in geography, visual arts and architecture. His portfolio of projects vary in scale from small domestic objects and furniture, to set design, public art, gardens, residences, plazas, cemeteries, urban design and civic infrastructure in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. Along with Stephanie Robb, Bill represented Canada in the 2006 Venice Biennale of Architecture with a witty critique of leisure culture and recycling called SweaterLodge.

He may be known to Winnipeggers for creating emptyful, the beloved “flask shaped” public artwork in Millennium Library Park. emptyful was created in 2012 to mark the designation of Winnipeg as a Cultural Capital of Canada.

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