Earth Day Clean up


Metro Winnipeg reporter gets down and dirty on Earth Day!
Metro Winnipeg
By Bernice Pontanilla

Metro/Bernice Pontanilla Ingrid Krenn and Faron Goguen, program facilitator and student respectively at the Aboriginal Community Campus, collected garbage along Waterfront Drive.

Who knew cleaning could be this much fun?

Hundreds turned out for the annual Earth Day Clean-up in downtown Winnipeg on a sunny Friday, and I happened to be one of them.

By 9 a.m., a long line-up outside Thunderbird House on Main Street practically guaranteed the day’s success.

And I couldn’t have found a better place in line.

Hundreds came out for the Earth Day Clean-up on Friday morning, which started at Thunderbird House on Main Street.

After chatting with Ingrid Krenn, program facilitator at the Aboriginal Community Campus (ACC), and Faron Goguen, a student, I was welcomed into their clean-up crew.

Krenn said this marks the second year her educational institution, which operates out of the old Canadian Pacific Railway Station on Higgins Avenue, has participated in the clean-up and they encouraged their 120 students to participate. This year also marked the first time ACC teamed up with the Neeginan Institute of Applied Technology.

After signing-in, getting our snazzy green apron, latex gloves, garbage bags and instructions, we set out to Waterfront Drive while other volunteers tackled Main, King and Princess streets from William to Higgins avenues.

Among the top garbage items we came across were cigarette butts, drive-thru cups, plastic bottles and bags; all marring the town’s beautiful landscape.

“It was good, we’re trying to do the community up,” said Goguen at the end of the clean-up, which lasted about an hour and a half.

“I feel really good about what we did today,” added Krenn. “It’s great how many students showed up and it shows how much they want to help.”

Murray Swanson, who works as an operator with the Metro Enviro-Team, said about 30 bags were placed in garbage bins at Siloam Mission. Another few dozen were curbside near Thunderbird House waiting to be picked up.

“I’m very happy with the amount of people,” said Swanson. “I think we had 300 people and we had great weather today.”

The Clean-up is organized by Winnipeg’s Downtown BIZ and the Metro Enviro-Team. In the afternoon, more volunteer crews will gather at the Japanese Gardens and tackle the area along Portage Avenue and Broadway.