Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Receives $30,000 in Funding from City of Winnipeg for Safety


Today the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Watch Ambassadors, along with the West End BIZ, Exchange BIZ, Bear Clan Patrol and Take Pride Winnipeg, received new funding from the City of Winnipeg to enhance safety and cleanliness in the downtown.

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is grateful for the $30,000 which will be utilized to add more resources to the Watch team, particularly in the evening, and will help grow our Watch Ambassadors by adding one more person to the team. Now a team of 26, plus over 250 volunteers, the Watch continues to be a visible presence throughout downtown Winnipeg.

Watch Ambassadors offer SafeWalks, first aid and assistance as needed, as well as act as additional “eyes and ears” for the Winnipeg Police Service. In addition, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Watch Ambassadors utilize the RTV and mobile unit, in partnership with ImPark, to provide additional patrols and a presence in downtown parking lots and parkades.

We are proud of the work that our Watch Ambassadors do in downtown Winnipeg, along with the level of customer service and safety that they provide because of their vigorous and ongoing training. Training including non-violent crisis intervention, ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skill Training), mental health first aid and more are all part of the thorough training program for Watch staff and volunteers. The Watch are a valuable partner and work in collaboration to support the Winnipeg Police Service, Cadets and other organizations in creating a safer downtown.