Downtown Mayoral Forum a Hit



September 26, 2018


Downtown Mayoral Forum a Hit

All eight candidates vying to be the next Mayor of Winnipeg had something to add to last nights Downtown Mayoral Forum.  We thank them for their spirited contributions to the debate, as well as their commitment to democracy.

Also, we’d like to say a special thanks to all those who came to the event and in some cases stood for over an-hour-and-a-half to hear what candidates had to say on topics from a vision for Portage and Main to concrete solutions to the meth crisis facing our downtown and entire city.

Richard Cloutier was one-part referee and one-part educator and the depth of his knowledge of downtown issues was on display as he kept candidates on topic.  It was the first time he’d been involved in a forum where all candidates had live microphones, and to his credit managed them brilliantly.  Cloutier was offered an honourarium for his time and contributions, but asked it be donated to a downtown homelessness initiative.

The event kicked off on leadership and team building and moved quickly into the pros and cons of more policing and how to deploy resources.  The depth of the conversation was impressive and all candidates made meaningful contributions.

One twitter follower broadened the question on Portage and Main to beyond just open and closed and asked candidates to explain how they would improve access and prominence regardless of whether it is opened or remains closed.  We had many questions from those in attendance and those online and wish we could have gotten to more.

A highlight video will be produced and posted to for those who could not attend to get a feel for the positions of all the candidates on all topic areas we were able to touch on.



Mike Brown, Media Relations

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Candidates participating, and official seating order from left to right:

  • Tim Diack
  • Jenny Motkaluk
  • Don Woodstock
  • Doug Wilson
  • Venkat Machiraju
  • Umar Hayat
  • Brian Bowman
  • Ed Ackerman

Our Sponsors:

  • Rudy’s Eat and Drink (Catering sponsor)
  • Audio Works Production (Audio-visual sponsor)
  • Manitoba Hydro (Venue sponsor)

A special thank you goes to our business partners who we advocate for and for whom this forum was held.  We’d also like to thank those who participated on our Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Forum Advisory Committee.  Those individuals made measurable contributions to an event that exceeded our expectations.

Script and Clips

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ has posted to its website all candidate surveys received in advance of the event as well as videos from candidates on the question of “How they would continue the revitalization of downtown Winnipeg.

We will also be producing a highlight video including candidate responses to all topic areas and posting it to our website before weeks-end to allow voters who could not attend to get a feel for the candidates and their views on all the areas we were able to touch on.