Downtown Living Options Emerge



September 11, 2012



Downtown Living Website Launches Today

Downtown Winnipeg – Imagine if your commute to work/play was only five minutes. What would you do with your morning? Downtown residents, office workers and visitors now have an abundant resource at their fingertips, as the official Downtown Living Website ( – a one-stop shop of information about the newest and hippest of housing options – was officially launched today. The website was conceptualized and developed by the Downtown BIZ, CentreVenture and the Exchange BIZ.

“Winnipeg is seeing a rapid and positive urban renaissance with more and more housing options emerging, helping change the face of our downtown for the better,” said Stefano Grande, Executive Director of the Downtown BIZ. Grande added: “The condo or apartment you’re looking for may just be in downtown Winnipeg right now. It’s easy, log onto the Downtown Living website to discover and explore all of what downtown has to offer.”

“There was a time, not all that long ago, when downtown Winnipeg wasn’t a consideration when looking to purchase a condominium. Now, downtown is emerging as a prime upscale location with gorgeous condo buildings along Waterfront and residential conversions in the Exchange District,” said Ross McGowan, President & CEO, CentreVenture Development Corporation. “There are now a variety of residential options available to people who choose downtown as their home”.

To showcase the plethora of downtown properties, the BIZ and RBC have been hosting Work/Live Downtown Housing Tours all summer and will run more in October and November this year in order to encourage downtown workers to consider the options just around the corner.

“It’s all about awareness – there are so many great things happening downtown, it’s just a matter of letting people know,” said Joseph Ranseth, downtown resident. He adds: “The downtown I live in now is much different from the downtown than I remember 15 years ago. The more awareness we raise about all the great new places to live, things to do and how convenient it is to live just blocks away from work and play, the more people will see that living downtown is not only a viable option but an incredibly appealing one. Besides, I’m looking for more friendly neighbours!”

Special thanks to sponsors and partners: RBC, Forks North Portage Development Corporation, Province of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg, CentreVenture, Exchange District BIZ and the Downtown BIZ.

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