Downtown Hosts Showcase More Visible Look and Expand Customer Service Offerings



November 16, 2017



Winnipeg, Manitoba – The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ recently unveiled a new, modern uniform design for their Safety & Outreach teams – The Host Ambassadors, Watch Ambassadors and Community Homeless Assistance Team (CHAT). With a slightly updated look from previous uniforms and the addition of new logos, an emphasis was placed on more visibility for safety and a unified brand across all teams.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our new uniforms and begin the transition from our old ones,” says Shawn Matthews, Director of Safety and Outreach at Downtown Winnipeg BIZ. Our hope is that the new uniforms will add value to the programs, improve staff and volunteer safety, and increase our BIZ Members’ and the publics’ sense of safety as they see a much more visible and identifiable uniform than in the past.”

Host Ambassadors, previously known as the Customer Service Team, have seen the most significant change in their uniforms with new bright orange and black colours, as well as the new “Host Ambassador” name clearly identified in reflective lettering on their clothing. The “i” on their sleeves is a fitting identifier as the Host Ambassador teams are ready and excited to provide information, guidance and directions as needed.


As hosts of our downtown, the Ambassadors welcome all visitors and provide anyone looking for a great downtown experience with information on fun things to do and see while they are here.

In addition, new downtown information displays have been installed at the RBC Convention Centre, and the Hosts Ambassadors continue to use their mobile kiosks at events such as the Downtown Winnipeg Farmers’ Market at Cityplace.

The BIZ Watch Ambassadors patrol downtown, offering directions, Safewalks, tourist info, first aid (CPR-certified), discarded syringe pick-up and assistance wherever needed. They also participate in community events and act as additional “eyes and ears” for the Winnipeg Police Service. Their uniforms have remained red and black with the addition of new silver reflective lettering on shirts and jackets, as well as silver reflective stripes on all pant legs that will increase visibility at night.

The Community Homeless Assistance Team (CHAT) will continue to wear black uniforms with the addition of new lettering and logos. The CHAT team is dedicated to performing comprehensive outreach to individuals at-risk of, or experiencing homelessness in our downtown.

All teams will wear black and white Downtown Winnipeg BIZ baseball caps and toques.

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About the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

 Especially for people who are downtown, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is the friendly and hardworking host that improves the perception of downtown by providing a welcoming environment, keeping things clean and safe, and advocating for continuous and positive change.



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