Downtown BIZ Stakeholders


The Who’s Who on Downtown Stakeholders

It can be confusing hearing about what all the different downtown agencies are doing, and differentiating what each actually does and how they fit together.

Each downtown agency serves a purpose and has a specific role downtown. We also often work together on a variety of efforts, bringing to the table different skills and viewpoints.

Here’s a quick summary of each of our roles:

Downtown Winnipeg BIZ
Area of Focus: Downtown, not including the Exchange District area, and not as far reaching as CentreVenture’s definition of “downtown”
The Downtown BIZ focuses on programming at the ground level and also advocating on behalf of our business members for downtown revitalization and enhanced services.

The Downtown BIZ represents 1,400 businesses in the district and runs programs targeting downtown image, cleanliness, safety, transportation and parking, as well as hosting events and promoting downtown to the people who live, work, shop, learn and play here. Programs include the Downtown Watch ambassadors, the Metro Enviro-Team, events like the Downtown Farmers’ Market and Manyfest, and more.

Exchange District BIZ
Area of Focus: Exchange District National Historic Site
The Exchange District BIZ, as a business improvement zone, functions similarly to the Downtown BIZ but is focused on the Exchange District National Historic Site. The Exchange District BIZ has committees working in the areas of marketing and communications; programs, operations & Old Market Square; and image enhancement & community relations.

CentreVenture Development Corporation
Area of Focus: Downtown as defined by the City of Winnipeg
CentreVenture Development Corporation, an arms-length agency of the City of Winnipeg, is an advocate and catalyst for business investment, development and economic growth in downtown Winnipeg.

CV encourages new retail, entertainment, housing and commercial ventures, along with public sector investment in public spaces, amenities and services. CV puts particular emphasis on the rejuvenation of the City’s heritage buildings, development of vacant or underutilized downtown property, and on identifying development opportunities linked to area megaprojects such as Red River College’s downtown campus and Manitoba Hydro’s new head office.

Under the Asset Agreement with The City of Winnipeg, CV markets surplus city-owned properties for sale and redevelopment.

The Forks Renewal Corporation / The North Portage Development Corporation
Area of Focus: The Forks and a large land mass on Portage Avenue surrounding Portage Place
The Forks North Portage Partnership, a key stakeholder in the development of the downtown, is responsible for the ownership, management and continuing renewal of The Forks and North Portage sites.

The mission of The Forks North Portage Partnership is to act as a catalyst, encouraging activities for people in the downtown area through public and private partnerships, revitalization strategies; and to work to ensure financial self-sufficiency. The business of the Partnership is to provide as many reasons as possible for people ‘to live, work and play in the downtown.’

The Partnership operates Webbsite Condominiums, Portage Place parkade, and The Forks Market, among many others. The Partnership owns the land leased by such prominent downtown buildings as Portage Place Shopping Centre, Investors Group, Kiwanis Chateau Seniors’ Residence, YM/YWCA and the Inn at the Forks.