Demon Hotel



Now renumbered as 50 Hargrave, with a brand new apartment building standing in its spot, this used to be the location of the old Kenilworth Court. 

Kenilworth Court was constructed as an apartment building in 1910, with it’s first residents moving in shortly after completion.  The apartment building and it’s residents had a pretty quiet existence, for the most part, until the 1970s.

In 1973, Lorraine Joan Bachnyski, a 19 year old Eatons employee, and her common-law partner lived in suite 24.  After a night on the town at the Westminster Hotel (now renamed the Sherbrook Inn), the couple and two acquaintances came back to the apartment to have a few more drinks.  An argument broke out and Lorraine was violently stabbed to death.

Kenilworth Court remained an apartment building until it closed in 2007 and was then more-or-less abandoned.  It wasn’t too long until the 100 year old building fell into disrepair, becoming a subject of spooky fascination for residents in the Broadway-Assiniboine neighbourhood. 

Colloquially called the Demon Hotel, there are stories of sightings of a woman in a white dress or nightgown on the street outside the building, calling to her lost cat.  She pleads with anyone who will stop to engage with her to enter the abandoned building in search of the missing kitty, who she claims can be found upstairs, on the second floor.  The chivalrous few who have tried to help have regretted doing so.  Once inside, they’ve reporting eerie noises such as doors slamming, sounds like furniture scraping the floors above as well as howls that sound otherworldly and not at all-catlike.

As each would-be helper runs from the building without the cat, reports are that the woman in white angrily calls out to them to help her, while ghostly faces appear at the windows above.

Could this be poor Lorraine, all these years later trying to enact her revenge on the man who stabbed her? 

Kenilworth Court, after having been abandoned for years, burnt to the ground in 2015.  At that time, there were several social media photos circulating that claim to show figures dancing in the flames. 

It remains to be seen if any of the new residents of the new apartment at renumbered 50 Hargrave Street see the woman in white and her cat or any of the other ghostly faces that used to peep out of the former Demon Hotel.