Safety and Outreach team DCSP CONNECT hits the streets with a new look

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Watch team, now called CONNECT, has fully transitioned to the Downtown Community Safety Partnership, based in the Air Canada Building at 355 Portage Ave. In moving, they joined the COAR team, formerly known as the Community Homeless Assistance Team (CHAT), who transitioned in the summer. We know that safety is a top priority and the team is continuing to provide safety and outreach, now with a greater presence. The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is excited to be a key partner to further enhance safety downtown.

The CONNECT team is engaging with the downtown community

This week you’ll start seeing folks around the neighbourhood uniformed in khaki pants, black jackets and neon toques. The DCSP’s CONNECT team (former Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Watch) is actively engaging with the downtown community. The CONNECT team builds on the success of the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s safety program and provides a friendly and welcoming presence to those living, working and visiting downtown. They are a first point of contact for assistance and referral for all members of the downtown community. The CONNECT team will focus on proactive community engagement with an emphasis on understanding the needs of individuals and appropriately connecting them to available resources in the downtown and surrounding area.

There are no changes in service for you. If you need assistance from CONNECT or COAR, you can continue to call 204-958-7233.

Here’s a quick look at some new details about the DCSP:

  • DCSP is working to build and grow the teams that support CONNECT in providing 24/7 assistance to the downtown community.
  • The Mobile Assist and Connect (MAC247) team and Community Outreach Advocacy Resource (COAR) team address the needs of the downtown community, as well as those with complex issues, with referrals and outreach and advanced medical aid and follow-up intervention.
  • An Information and Communications Centre will be established in the coming months to enhance connectivity among the downtown community and DCSP teams and partners.
  • The teams have new uniforms designed to be recognizable on the street and reflect their friendly and welcoming presence.

We will continue to provide updates as the DCSP evolves and grows.