Winner of the Chinatown Banner Competition Announced!


The 2020 winner of the annual Chinatown Banner competition was announced on January 26 at the Chinese New Year Banquet, located at Kum Koon Garden.

Glee Bang, a graphic design student at the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT), was awarded a plaque and honorarium for her thoughtful banner design, which will be displayed along many of Chinatown’s busiest streets. Bang’s design is an expression of the harmony between China and Canada, with the Esplanade Riel Bridge used in the background.

Other symbolic elements in the banner include:

  • The use of red to represent good fortune
  • The soft, warm tones of the pastel colours that are used to give a friendly impression of the rat
  • The coin pattern – showing that the rat symbolizes wealth
  • The watercolour effect in the background – symbolizing the Red River with the reflection of the river on the bridge
  • The brushstrokes that give a traditional feeling to the design

Of the 45 entries received this year, the jury selected the winning Year of the Rat banner for its thoughtful composition that includes aspects of Chinatown, traditional imagery of Chinese culture and a local Winnipeg icon.


The annual Chinatown Banner Competition, a partnership between the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre (WCCCC), aims to celebrate arts, culture and the community – while welcoming the arrival of the Chinese New Year.

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ recognizes the importance of creating beautiful and unique spaces in our downtown that not only engage pedestrians but also artists. The Competition provides a wonderful opportunity for local artists to display their talent while at the same time enhancing the streetscape and celebrating Chinatown’s rich culture.