Chinatown Banners


The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, in conjunction with the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre (WCCCC), is conducting a design competition for Chinatown Banners. An honorarium of $800.00 will be awarded for the successful banner design. All submissions must be dropped off or mailed to the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and be received no later than 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, January 26, 2010.
Competition Background
A goal of the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is to implement and use street banners, to unify the downtown and highlight signifi cant buildings and key districts throughout the downtown. Existing banners are displayed along major routes such as Portage Avenue, Graham Avenue and the gateways to the downtown district. The BIZ has been displaying banners since 1991 for events such as the Canadian Country Music Awards, the Tim Hortons Brier and programs such as Young Artists on the Avenue. In order to fulfi ll the banner mandate, the BIZ holds various design competitions yearly. Winning entrants are awarded an honorarium and their art is displayed across the downtown.
Chinatown Banner Competition
All those in creative fi elds are called on to submit their designs for the 2010 Chinatown street banners. In past years, this design competition has focused solely on yearly animal sign banners, which remain mounted for a period of one year. This year, the competition will focus on the yearly animal sign banners, in conjunction with the Chinatown district banners that were installed in 2007.
The winning design will emphasize the Year of the Tiger, at the same time complementing the existing Chinatown district banner in terms of colour, type and graphics, since they will be viewed consecutively on the street. The district banners are mounted on every second light pole, with the Year of the Tiger banners mounted on poles in between. District banners will remain in place for a period of approximately three to four years, while the Year of the Tiger banners will be removed at the end of the year, to be replaced by the 2011 animal sign banners. All banners will be mounted in the six square blocks bounded by Main Street, Princess Street, Logan Avenue and James Avenue.