The Loving Barbers Company


Wes Capulong’s grandmother taught him there’s only one way to live; and that is to love.

“When she was passing away… she kept repeating the words ‘love always’ in Tagalog,” he says, of the woman who cared for him and his cousins while his newly immigrated parents worked. “I promised her I would do my best.”

Capulong has held true to that promise through his growing enterprise, The Loving Barbers Company.

At the new high-profile location at The Forks – the third in Winnipeg – Capulong is able to carry on his company’s tradition of loving and supporting clients, new stylists, and the community.

“The true essence of barbering is about being inclusive, being a community, and for everyone to be able to be themselves and relax and talk.

“In personal service industries, it’s really about the person in your care. Giving to them, you actually get more in return.”

Leading by example, Capulong mentors new stylists, letting anyone shadow in the shop and giving young people their first paid gigs.

Capulong’s opportunity even came to him by leading with love with his patrons. A longtime client one day mentioned he was on the board at The Forks, and next thing he knew, they were taking on the space now known as The Loving Barbers Co. next to McNally Robinson Booksellers.