An excessive online order turned out to be serendipitous for Tia Medeiros, spurring Teeyah’s 1,500-square-foot specialty candy, soda and ice cream shop on Graham Avenue.

Determined to satisfy her craving for an Abba-Zaba candy bar one day – and coming up short locally – Medeiros ended up placing a wholesale order with a high minimum volume, reasoning she could hand off any surplus to friends and family.

“Once the candy arrived at my door, I realized that it was a lot more than it sounded like when I was placing the order,” laugh Medeiros. “I couldn’t even give the candy away to my friends and family anymore, it was too much.”

Being resourceful, she landed upon the ecommerce website Shopify, got a website up-and-running overnight, and began successfully selling off her candy.

While starting with slim selection, she began taking stock of requests she received from customers, and quite organically, Medeiros was able to round out her shop with exactly the items her clients were seeking.

After finding success online, and considering her experience in the ice cream business including marketing and developing ice cream flavours for Manitoba’s own Dairy Chef, Medeiros realized there may be an opportunity to expand her business into a brick-and-mortar shop.

The first Teeyah’s was a 500 sq. ft. “proof of concept” shop on Hargrave Street. “The intention was to see if there was a need for a storefront in downtown Winnipeg,” says Medeiros. “I have spent a lot of time in the downtown of many major Canadian cities – Winnipeg is screaming opportunity.

“I want to be a part of that change, of that culture.”

If you’ve got a sweet tooth during your lunch break or even just want to take a selfie during a unique experience downtown, Teeyah’s is a great resource. Some of Teeyah’s innovations include cotton candy burritos and activated charcoal soft serve (which is black in colour and made up of coconut husk).

Ice cream devotees will relish in Teeyah’s 16 flavours of locally made hard ice cream, plus a soft serve with a high butter fat mix (making it one of the more indulgent offerings available).

But don’t forget to ask about the daily special: Teeyah’s is becoming renowned for is LegenDAIRY cone. Each day, five heaping scoops of ice cream is piled with either the candy or chocolate toppings of the staff’s choice. Lollipops, upside-down cones and cotton candy are just some examples from previous LegenDAIRY servings.

“If you’re going to come down for an experience, it is definitely going to have to be for the LegenDAIRY cone,” says Medeiros. “We take over to create something special – every LegenDAIRY cone is different!”