Red Photo Co.


What started as a lifeline to get through a 38-person wedding party has led to a lucrative partnership.

Red Photo Co. was initially the sole venture of photographer Coralee Penner, but when she faced the daunting task of covering this wide-spanning wedding, she called in the help of another experienced wedding photographer, Rebecca Schroeder.

The collaboration led to great things for the client – and for each of them behind the lens. They all loved what happened when there was another set of eyes on the task at hand.

And so this formed the basis of Red Photo Co. When you hire Red Photo Co., you get them both.

This approach has led to some incredibly refined and finely detailed corporate shoots, including headshots and portraiture, product shots, documentary-style event coverage and real estate photography.

The two play to each other’s strengths, riff off one another, and ultimately bring an astounding amount of combined experience to the table to offer finite control over the creative output.

“It’s hilarious because I especially have this glazed-over look when I can see something but I’m not exactly sure how quite to capture it yet,” says Penner. “She understands that we need to stop and deconstruct it and how to figure out how to make it work.”

The two have made the official shift from shooting weddings to a corporate photography specialty – running from free-flowing event coverage capturing real moments to a tightly executed product shoot.

“We’ve been doing a lot more social media content that is sort of an emerging market,” says Penner. “It is something that people haven’t really thought about until now. People are realizing it’s important to have a very stylized brand. That has become a very important part of what we do.”

Red Photo Co. is exactly who you want to have on your side if you’re launching a product to market. They’re able to find just the right mood and props to position your product, filling your website and social channels with a professional aesthetic.

For brands, having to do this on your own is often beyond your means and capabilities. But batch shooting content with Red Photo Co. can fill your content calendar for months.

While the two get to collaborate with each other on shoots, they also share their studio with three other photographers – giving them a collective to share their 2,400 square feet with on the 5th floor of 376 Donald Street. Since some of their photos are taken at live events and on-site, it makes sense for them to share the spacious studio with others so it’s there for everyone when they need it.

Red Photo Co. also runs workshops to help guide business owners when they’re creating their own content, like tips for social media photography. “We would love to work with more Downtown Winnipeg BIZ businesses,” says Penner.

Fresh from working the headshot lounge at SHEday, Shroeder says, “It’s been really nice to help other female business owners… that seems to be a really big demographic that we reach.

“(It’s been) rewarding to empower people with some of the knowledge we’ve acquired over the years.”

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