Pastry Castle


Those who’ve tried Daniel Abraham’s desserts rarely turn back. Just ask Beyoncé.

Abraham started his local career working for Lilyfield Cakes providing custom baking to owner Heather Stewart’s star-studded client base.

Since he first opened his own pastry and dessert shop called Desserts By Daniel on Academy Road, Abraham’s been providing the sweet treats for area favourite coffee shop Saucers Cafe, now going on nearly two decades. And, if you’ve enjoyed a slice of cake at any one of Pony Corral Restaurant & Bar’s four locations in the city, Abraham’s been behind those for nearly as long.

Now based at 260 Edmonton Street across from the Manitoba Hydro building, Abraham’s turned his attention to downtown’s sweet tooth under a new moniker, Pastry Castle.

He and wife, Helen, provide sugar and caffeine fixes for office workers on their morning or lunch breaks, and stay open into the evening for dessert dates.

If you’re like Abraham, you can never go too long without a sweet treat.

“I like sweet. I love to make the cakes, and then I love to eat the cakes,” laughs Abraham. “I can’t stay without sweets more than two or three days.”

Lucky for him and his clients, Abraham favours a less sugary-sweet base to his cakes – other than chocolate, so it’s less guilt-inducing, and more of a refreshing treat.

“Chocolate – you can’t control it, because it has its own sweet,” describes Abraham. “Most of my cakes, they’re not very sweet. That’s why people like the cakes – I don’t make it very sweet.”

Even though he skips out on over-sweetening his desserts, that doesn’t mean they’re any less indulgent. Pastry Castle’s most popular items include a tiramisu cake and homemade Ferrero Rocher concoction. Besides morning croissants and muffins, rum balls, cheesecakes and everything in between, Pastry Castle also offers wedding cakes to order – with Helen recently completing courses on wedding cake decoration.

While Abraham’s still hoping for some major event contracts to go through, and for more downtown workers to find him in his new location for catering and midday treats, he’s happy where he is – in the kitchen.

“Back home (in Greece), it’s a big deal when you have a bakery, a sweet shop. So that was always my wishes.

“I was always in the kitchen, wishing to have a pastry shop. I never get bored of making the cakes.”