NSD Tech


It’s been quite the journey for the web development company, NSD Tech – from India to a one-bedroom apartment in Winnipeg – to a brick-and-mortar office at Fort Garry Place.

“It can be a big change having to work in two different countries,” says Sumegha Gupta, president of NSD Tech, who immigrated to Canada after running a successful web company in India.

Starting out in Winnipeg as a home-based business, NSD Tech found its specialty aligning with others like it: small businesses run by an owner and a small team – if any – staff.

Gupta found these companies didn’t have the employees or the capital to hire someone full-time to handle things like search engine optimization and web design – and discovered a passion for helping these owners directly build their businesses with a strong online presence.

In some cases, it required convincing people they needed a web presence at all. Gupta found the best way to explain it to clients is: “it’s just an extension of what they do, online. I don’t think that will ever change.”

Finding simpler ways to approach things is another specialty of NSD Tech’s.

Recently, Gupta and her two employees helped configure unique software to help manage sensitive information and data input about clients or refugees.

Called CARMIS (Clients & refugees management information system), it is currently being used to simplify federal reporting requirements and data flow for the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council. It is completely customizable, and, as a tool to assist government, should prove to be a vital offering for NSD Tech.

Getting involved in the community has been another touchstone of NSD Tech’s. Gupta started by supporting SEED Winnipeg (the non-profit that serves Winnipeg’s inner city) as a client, and soon became an active board member for the agency.

“When we talked to big businesses, we didn’t feel the connection,” explains Gupta. Soon afterward, she found her sweet spot “talking to the owners (or directors) directly and giving them the confidence that this business will take care of their business.”

NSD Tech’s geographic niche soon became clear, too.

“Most of my clients and the people we were serving were downtown,” says Gupta. “(Being downtown), it’s easy for me to be in touch with them – and it’s a central location, so it’s easy to run a business.”

Also easy when based out of Fort Garry Place?

“We can have amazing lunches,” laughs Gupta.

She counts the Fort Garry Hotel among the best, as well as the many food trucks catering to the area.

So, in her opinion, who should’ve won the Food Truck Wars?

“Red Ember pizza is my favourite,” she says.