To the blind eye, it seemed like the end of an era when The Urban Bakery (TUB) closed down shop on Graham Avenue. It turned out the prospect of offering exclusive streetwear brands in this location wasn’t coming to an end – as Livestock, a national footwear and apparel retailer, took over the space, keeping the same shoprunner and a very similar aesthetic.

“The transition was smooth on our end. We painted, stripped down some of TUB’s displays and added trademark Livestock fixtures,” says Lonnie Ce, manager of Livestock Winnipeg and the former manager of TUB. “The space was great as is – it didn’t need much. I imagine the transition was even easier for the customer as a new apparel and footwear boutique popped up exactly where one had already existed.”

The premium streetwear concept was already proven not only from TUB’s experience in this location, but visible in Livestock’s online numbers reflecting near-fanatical sales represented by the local community.

“Winnipeg has always had a huge sneakerhead community,” says Ce. “The amount of traffic from our city that the Livestock online shop would receive was a good indicator we’d be welcomed with open arms.”

Helping with the crazed sense of demand surrounding Livestock’s footwear is the fact that many of its shoe releases have limited quantities, accompanied by release dates.

“We carry product that is produced in limited quantities, and not widely available,” says Ce. “Often once it’s sold out there won’t be a restock, so if you want it, you may have to come a little early and line up. And sometimes ‘a little early’ is the evening before,” he laughs.

In the sneakerhead community, the term dead stock has come to mean a brand-new, never-been-outside-of-its-box pair of shoes, so the purchaser is literally the first person to don the shoes.

Livestock’s website URL uses this term overtly – while the Livestock name itself plays on this sense of pent-up demand to be the very first (and one of the only) people to own a particular pair of shoes.

In Winnipeg’s case, Livestock’s releases are even more hype because they carry a number of brands exclusive to their store in the city – including Aimé Leon Dore, Yeezy, Off-White x Nike, Y-3, Carhartt WIP and By Parra to name a few.

Livestock is located at 407 Graham Ave. in Winnipeg, and has three other locations in Canada (two in Toronto, and one in Vancouver).

For more information on Livestock’s brands, including a release calendar that allows you to subscribe for notifications on a particular item, visit