JUNE Home Supply


JUNE Home Supply is ready for spring – both spiritually and physically.

The carefully curated lifestyle and homewares shop is showing the first signs of spring with lighter linens populating its Instagram, website and retail location.

But JUNE is really always in that evolutionary headspace.

Led by married duo, Joël and Danielle Cyr, JUNE debuted itself in the flesh in November 2018 with a Kennedy Street location, sharing a space with Thom Bargen Coffee + Tea.

Operating an online shop since 2014, the couple used to go by the moniker Mûr lifestyle.

“We’ve been debating changing the name every year. It’s just difficult to pronounce in English. When we decided to go brick-and-mortar, we thought, ‘this is our opportunity to settle this name thing once and for all,’” says Joël.

“The French word we had before, Mûr, that actually means ripe. We picked it because we felt ‘we’re ripe – we’re ready to do this.’ June is kind of the same thing. Things are ripe, things are blooming… It actually starts feeling like summer.”

This blossoming theme lends itself well to JUNE’s story.

There was just a bud of an idea when Joël and Danielle first set out to form a business together.

“We were really wanting to start an online business, so really we just needed something to sell,” says Joël, of JUNE’s beginnings. “We knew we would work well together. This was a way for us to gain more work-life balance rather than going our own way.”

Without digging too far, the pair recognized an opportunity within their own interests in finding timeless, well-made artisanal products for the home.

“We were finding it difficult to locate some of these products in Canada online, and it just started. It felt natural… Those are the products and that’s the aesthetic we like as individuals,” says Joël.

Sourcing products directly from manufacturers and makers in Europe and Japan, and even Africa, the couple has built long-lasting relationships with its suppliers – exchanging daily emails, often waiting 24 hours for the reply from the other time zone.

They’ve found a wide market of individuals who were after the same beautiful, functional pieces, with significant success shipping products all throughout Canada and the U.S. JUNE is even starting to reach a worldwide audience.

“The online component is I would say at least 80 per cent of our business, even today,” says Joël. Having the stable online shop allowed June to explore this new frontier with relatively low risk. “We needed a place to really operate our business. So why not have a spot with built-in traffic already?

“I love the location. I love walking, bussing or biking to work. Even the timing of it.. we were just ready. And it fit.”

Find JUNE Home Supply at 2-250 Kennedy Street in Downtown Winnipeg.