Human Bean Coffee & Tea Cityplace


For over 23 years, Human Bean Coffee & Tea has been infusing personal connection into its lattes and loose leaf teas.

“Coffee is a social kind of drink,” says owner Romalda Wildeman.

“I want the customer to feel valued when they come here. There’s a snobbery in coffee that I don’t enjoy. You’ll find a very human aspect to us.”

This human touch started its tenure at The Forks Market, where Human Bean operated for 22 years.

“That was my home. I really loved that place,” says Wildeman. “My lease came up and they were going in a different direction… but then I got a call from Cityplace.”

Wildeman was drawn to staying in the area where she had built so many relationships and a devoted following.

“I built the majority of my clientele through the downtown. I was always part of that,” says Wildeman. “When Cityplace called I said, ‘hey, I’d still be in the downtown area.’”

Human Bean now calls a vibrant location next to the Graham Avenue entrance home, with open sightlines to passersby on either floor – pivotal to converting on so much of the downtown traffic making its way through Cityplace as a thoroughfare.

Human Bean also has welcoming seating, charging stations and Wi-Fi access – the only place besides the food court to camp out – which play host to business meetings and students and professionals working through lunch.

Along with fresh-made salads and sandwiches for a casual bite, or sweets and delicacies made-in-house or sourced from local bakeries, Human Bean has an exceptional list of coffee and tea offerings – a standout in a new wave of coffee culture.

“We have close to 70 items on our menu,” says Wildeman, citing robust tea latte selections, smoothies and loose teas stemming from all over the world. “People are being minimalistic in the coffee industry – they’ll have five items on the menu, and that’s it.

“I’m not going to tell you what to drink. Everyone has their own palates… I’ll let you choose.”

Wildeman fondly references a customer who allows his green tea to steep all day before sipping. “It’s against everything people say about tea – but I can only educate. Who am I to say it’s wrong? That’s his warm and fuzzy.”