Hanford Drewitt


Whenever you see someone looking really stylish in a well-fitted suit downtown – it’s probably tailored, and it’s probably Hanford Drewitt.

Not only does the men’s fashion retailer sell exclusive European formalwear, but it tailors everything to fit, free of charge, knowing it’s the difference between shlubby and chic.

Hanford Drewitt has been bringing high-fashion to Winnipeg for over 72 years. It got its start in the former Eaton Centre and has been on Broadway for about 50 years. Before names like Armani and Hugo Boss were known in Winnipeg, Hanford Drewitt was visiting Europe for these brands, sourcing product, and making it accessible to Winnipeggers.

Being so close to the Law Courts on Broadway is also a convenient aspect to its business, as it hosts an exclusive collection of court attire for men and women. Hanford Drewitt will also make clothing to measure, taking you through the process from selecting fabrics, to garment detailing and tailoring.

More than anything, it’s this custom attention that brings generations to Hanford Drewitt. You can still book a private appointment with their staff to get exactly what you need, made or tailored to fit. That kind of attention to detail and bespoke experience hasn’t been replicated in 72-plus years.

Find Hanford Drewitt at 354 Broadway or visit