Fluid Float Studio


A nagging back injury led Nick Parisi to try his first float. Paired with a new in-home yoga practice, he experienced relief from his chronic pain and limitations.

A newfound believer in the weightless wellness practice, Parisi set his sights on opening the first float studio in Winnipeg. But when other float studios popped up before his, he refined his vision.

A contractor by trade, Parisi started Fluid Float Studio and built the first custom “float cabins” in the city – spacious seven-foot-high sanctuaries within a private room, equipped with an adjacent shower, optional lighting and music to customize your ambience.

The larger units have removed what Parisi says is the number one resistance to the concept – the idea that you may feel anxious in a small, dark space.

“We opened up the experience to more people,” says Parisi. “We don’t get any feedback about feeling claustrophobic.” Plus, the size accommodates people with limited mobility or chronic injuries like Parisi was previously experiencing.

With a remote that follows you into the cabin, you can control all settings – so, you can get situated with some mood lighting and relaxing music before you go sensory-less. Or, you can keep your soundtrack on along with a light glow the entire time.

The float concept was stumbled upon in the ‘50s, while researching what limiting sensory experience can do to the mind, but the additional physical benefits were undeniable.
“It basically does the same thing that people use the Dead Sea for, or Epsom salts in tubs,” says Parisi. “It relaxes your muscles, decompresses your spine, and can help with day-to-day pain or recovery.”

Aiming to supersize the health gains, Fluid Float has added an infrared option, allowing clients additional perks normally found in dry saunas. Infrared allows your body to heat up from the inside outward which is great for maintaining a comfortable temperature during a float session, and you’re still ridding yourself of toxins.

Plus, Fluid Float Studio infuses silver, zinc and copper in the saline solution, forming a natural sanitizer and allowing additional health benefits from these minerals.

With three cabins in its location in Fort Garry Place, and a head office just down the hall from the studio, Fluid Float also extends packages or full space rentals to groups, offering up its comfortable office space for hangouts between sessions.

Its corporate memberships have been especially attractive, even more so for demanding, high-pressure industries like law enforcement and the military.

Some of the most rewarding feedback comes from the clients, or even their spouses: “We’ve had wives call and say: ‘I don’t know what you’re doing over there, but it’s really working.”