Booth University College


While there are some major educational institutions that can boast about their downtown campus, not every Christian college gets to say the same.

“What we like to say is the city is the campus – because the downtown really is our campus,” says Chris Albi, communications specialist for Booth University College. “It’s a great place to be because you have everything – all the amenities you need.”

The Christian faith-based institution is an educational expression of The Salvation Army’s theological tradition. While it’s closely linked with The Salvation Army, including housing the only degree-granting Salvation Army school, “we are a liberal arts university college,” says Albi.

Booth University College has built a tight-knit community with student-to-instructor ratios of 10-to-1, an all-star team of academic advisors that are all members of the faculty, and a librarian you can count on seeing throughout your whole academic career at Booth.

“We’re a very welcoming community,” says Albi.

“We’re not a big enterprise, so it allows for more of that. People know your name, your professors know your name… it’s really fitting for people who may not like that big institution.”

Aligning with many of the values of its associated faith, Booth University College not only tries to offer that personalized experience – it aims to educate the whole person.

“What we’re really trying to teach our students is to think outside themselves, to make sure that there’s social justice in the world. We want to instill that in them the best that we can,” says Albi.

Through a mandatory urban service learning course, students become immersed in an outside organization that benefits the community, and then share and reflect on that experience.

“They tend to come out of that with an understanding of the wrongs in the world – how they are players in that, and how they can make the world a better place through kindness, through justice, through hope and mercy,” says Albi. “We’re about educating the whole person – mind, body, spirit.”

As it works toward a university accreditation, Booth has a number of partnerships with larger institutions and competitive programs like the Business Administration program at Red River College and the Education program at The University of Winnipeg, studying abroad opportunities, as well as on-campus residences.

For a small community, there are big benefits. “We like to say we’re ‘higher education with higher purpose,’” says Albi.