BIZ Worker’s Survey Released



A recently released Downtown BIZ report outlining the habits and perceptions of downtown workers will assist current downtown businesses to grow and better market themselves, while also attracting new businesses opportunities to the downtown.


The Downtown Worker Survey was completed by 1241 downtown workers last summer. The results were analyzed by the Institute of Urban Studies, who also helped in designing the survey.

Some key findings from the survey include:

  • Many feel the downtown is changing for the better.
  • 72% earned in excess of $50,000 per annum.
  • Travelling to work by public transit was the highest reported mode of travel at 34%, while driving alone and carpooling together accounted for 32.5%.
  • Food purchases both in the morning and at lunch were the most often used.
  • Over half reported shopping on their lunch break with just over a quarter doing so
    multiple times per week.
  • After work purchases, while being less frequent, resulted in a positive finding in that
    slightly less than 10% spent between $30 – $50+ weekly.
  • Drugstores and clothing purchases ranked highest with respect to services used.
  • New services workers said are needed in the downtown were related to restaurants and grocery as well as lifestyle shops such as sporting goods and hobbies.
  • However, the single biggest issue that needed to be address in the downtown was
    additional security measures (noted by 70% of the sample).
  • A high percentage of workers regularly attend concerts, sporting events and restaurants in the evening and weekends.
  • More work is needed to attract a better mix of services and supports and to
    address the perceptions that downtown is not a full service shopping district.

Results will be packaged in a special Downtown Trends Market Research Report, building on the report the Downtown BIZ and our partners assembled in 2007. The new report will be sent to the BIZ’s 1,400 members as well as all commercial realtors in Manitoba and in Canada to raise awareness for the business opportunities in downtown Winnipeg.

The information will also be used for the Downtown Retail Attraction & Retention Strategy, which will be released later this year and will identify the right type of retailing mix that the downtown market is demanding.

Finally, the BIZ will use the results to advocate to the City to do more in dealing with the continued perception that safety is a concern in the downtown, when in fact only 10 per cent of city wide crime actually occurs in the city centre.

The full survey results can be downloaded from the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ website at or phone 958-4640.
For more information, please contact:
Jennifer Verch, Manager, Communications & Marketing
Ph: (204) 958-4626   Cell: 297-0219