BIZ Partners Support City’s Safety Initiatives


July 18, 2018


Winnipeg, Manitoba – Winnipeg’s first ever Downtown Safety Summit was a chance to learn some best practices from other cities and speak openly about what Winnipeg is doing well and what could be improved.

The good news is we are trending in the right direction, but the results also speak to a need to continue to improve.

“We want Winnipeggers to feel safe when downtown, and we want visitors to our city to feel that way too.  That’s why we fully support the actions of the City of Winnipeg in adopting our recommendations to improve safety downtown.  This will not be accomplished by glossing over the realities of our situation.  Perception is reality and as long as people believe they are unsafe our efforts must continue,” said Downtown Winnipeg BIZ CEO Stefano Grande.

The three partnering business improvement zones appreciate the support and action from the City of Winnipeg that recently announced positive changes for investing in downtown safety including additional funding for BIZ foot patrols and action towards the redesign of the transit shelter adjacent to Portage Place. Both these areas were identified as recommendations by participants in the Downtown Safety Summit.

“The safety summit was an excellent start on how we can begin to address safety and the perception of safety in the heart of our city and beyond.  Our three patrol programs are committed to working together in creating a safer environment for our business, residents and visitors,” said Gloria Cardwell Hoeppner, Executive Director West End Business Improvement Zone.

“Collaboration is everything.  Getting people to come together, and share ideas and concerns on safety issues is a solid way to start creating solutions”.   Derek Manaigre, Manager of Community Safety and Beautification, Exchange BIZ.

Here’s a link to the Safety Summit Report – CLICK HERE.

Key Recommendations from Downtown Safety Summit 

  • Improve Collaboration between the BIZ / Community Foot Patrols and the Winnipeg Police Service
  • Support investment in CCTV at key locations along the downtown road network through Private / Public Partnerships in order to boost crime prevention and criminal apprehension
  • WPS should assess the adoption of TrackTik technology for downtown Winnipeg security providers – TrackTik is a technology which can harness security data of all downtown security providers to offer more effective inter-communications, deployment of all resources in a coordinated manner
  • Support existing thrusts of community stakeholders. There was a general feeling that our City should respond to social issues with community based social intervention initiatives, rather than through an enforcement lens
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) safe downtown design fund. A matching funding program with the private sector could be used to improved lighting, alter structures, better define the public and private realm
  • Hold a Downtown Safety Summit every two years. Forum participants felt that the Downtown Safety Summit was a great vehicle to listen, learn and provide ongoing feedback on downtown safety issues and solutions



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