BIZ Job Posting: Maintenance Coordinator



The BIZ is looking for a positive hardworking leader that loves working outdoors year round and is a “jack of all trades” to take on the position of Maintenance Coordinator

As the leader of the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Cleanliness Department, you will lead a team of almost 20 FT/PT employees of all skill sets and experiences in the provision of enhanced cleaning and maintenance services for Downtown Winnipeg. You will be in charge of implementing a number of innovative Downtown BIZ cleaning programs, from light snow removal on sidewalks to graffiti removal, and much more (all in partnership with our stakeholders). You will sustain and implement new programs and place making infrastructure to make downtown a better place.

You will be a person that finds several solutions for every obstacle you face. You will be a person who will take on leadership and help us double our cleaning program in the years to come, through the complete input and buy-in of your team.

You should be mechanically inclined in order to fix tractors, Kubotas, pumps and pressure washers as well as build all sorts of interesting items (and in your sleep, write reports and undertake HR and financial functions with support of our HR Manager and Department Manager).

You should be an experienced leader and a motivator of people, valuing the training and safety of your co-workers. You should be a calm and patient person, but also direct and articulate (only demanding respect through action). You should believe in change by improving the cleanliness of our downtown, and you should fundamentally believe that this can only happen through effective and positive teamwork. You should see yourself as an important piece of a bigger puzzle, and you should value the participation of other leaders in other departments who you will work with.

Opportunity and challenges await.

Major functions:
The Maintenance Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining a cleaner, more attractive downtown. You will be a team-builder, open to proactive approaches in maintenance and capable of functioning in a fast-paced environment.


-minimum of five years experience in a coordination role
-excellent organizational skills
-familiar with budget development
-solid supervisory experience
-strong communication skills, both written and oral
-professional positive attitude
-physically fit and comfortable working outdoors year round
-valid Class 5 license
-adept in a variety of manual trades, e.g. mechanical, carpentry, painting, electrical, landscaping, and any extra talents you bring with you
-skilled in repair and maintenance of small machinery
-current on WPSH legislation

Downtown BIZ offers a challenging, team-oriented work environment with competitive wages and benefits.


Title:Maintenance Coordinator

Position Summary: Reports directly to the Manager, Placemaking, Cleanliness & Transportation. The Coordinator is responsible for ensuring a cleaner and more attractive downtown as well as influencing positive perceptions toward downtown cleanliness. The position will be responsible for all tasks described below.

Hours of work:This is a full time position requiring thirty-five hours per week. The work is generally weekdays 7:30-3:30, however actual hours and days of work may vary according to need and operational requirements. An occasional evening or weekend may be required.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

Staff Management and Administration
•Provide the leadership, training, supervision and direction for the “Downtown Enviro Team.”
•Assist the HR Manager by providing input in regard to candidate selection, hiring, and disciplinary procedures related to maintenance employees.
•Maintain daily attendance records for all maintenance employees and perform bi-weekly payroll edits using the automated time solutions system.
•Creation and implementation of the Downtown BIZ maintenance budget.
•Administer all prescribed maintenance programs within the approved annual budget / strategic plan, including acquisition, purchase and disbursement of equipment, supplies, tools, and uniforms while providing an ongoing summation and monitoring of all financial details to the Finance Administrator.

Partnership Communications
•Assist in the coordination of efforts between the Downtown BIZ and other groups such as schools, clubs and Downtown BIZ members for downtown clean up days.
•Partner with the City of Winnipeg Downtown Maintenance Coordinator on special events and maintenance issues downtown, meeting quarterly.
•Work with Downtown businesses and stakeholders to identify and remove graffiti. Ensure that the City of Winnipeg Graffiti Control Department is regularly provided with accurate records including damage waivers and removal forms, and that all required forms have been properly completed and signed prior to the commencement of work.
•Identify and record maintenance issues in the downtown for immediate reporting to the appropriate City department via the City’s 311 network, or other as needed. Utilize all available technology such as Smart phones, computers, digital cameras, etc.
•Provide information to BIZ members and property owners.
•Notify the proper authorities of any criminal or suspicious activity and record and submit supporting evidence where applicable. i.e. – graffiti photos.

•Maintain an efficient operating system to ensure all Downtown sidewalks, transit shelters, lanes and parks are kept clear of litter, debris, and weeds using the sidewalk vacuums, utility vehicles, service trailers, pressure washers, powered hand tools, and/or other general clean-up equipment as required.
•Oversee ice and snow removal on main pedestrian routes during winter months.
•Ensure posters and/or advertising (as well as paper, tape and other materials) are removed from hydro poles and notice boards as necessary.
•Assist with the provision of all resources, the coordination of planting, watering, installation and removal of ground flowers and baskets.
•Implement and administer an inventory control system for all tools, machinery, supplies, and other related elements allocated for the ongoing operation of the maintenance department.
•Submit reports, statistics, measurable, and indicators regarding all cleaning and maintenance activities on a timely basis.
•Operate all BIZ equipment and City Van.
•Maintain valid class five drivers’ license.
•Ensure the proper cleanliness, repair, and maintenance all service equipment.
•Perform and/or coordinate basic facility maintenance at both the Vaughn Street warehouse and BIZ main office, including replacement of light bulbs, repair & set-up of furniture items, painting as needed, and any other minor repairs as may be required.

Placemaking and Events
•Implement Placemaking Committee initiatives as detailed in the strategic plan.
•Coordinate activities with the Manager, Placemaking, Cleanliness & Transportation, submitting maintenance reports as required.
•Assist with Placemaking Committee street projects by coordinating installations, removal and storage of street infrastructure as well as coordinate painting and refinishing street furniture as required.
•Coordinate the small scale installations of site furniture such as cigarette ash receptacles, bicycle racks, etc. as well as repairs and maintenance of Downtown BIZ owned sculptures, murals and site furniture, as required.
•Coordinate all street maintenance for special events in the Downtown BIZ area.
•Set-up, and ensure the proper function of multimedia and/or audiovisual equipment at special events and press releases.

•Ensure the image of the “Enviro Team” is maintained and promoted at all times.
•Maintain a BIZ Maintenance Workplace Safety and Health (WPSH) program, monitoring for compliance, including the recording and submission of committee minutes on a timely basis.
•Co-chair a Workplace Safety & Health Committee and schedule quarterly meetings as required by the Act.
•Follow all policies as established by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and collaborate with the management and Human Resource department to regularly review, update or establish policy as required to uphold best practices throughout. .
•Other related duties as may be required.

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