Bike Friendly Businesses


August 10, 2018


Winnipeg, Manitoba – Are you a bike friendly business?  If you are, do cyclists know about your commitment to a place for them to park and lock their bike while enjoying all you have to offer?  In a bid to make downtown Winnipeg more cycle-friendly, the Exchange District Biz has partnered with Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and the City of Winnipeg to make shopping by bike easier.

“Bike Friendly Businesses can have a bike ring installed at their storefront to make it more attractive for cyclists to stop and shop, and they do.  It’s just good business,” said Downtown Winnipeg BIZ CEO Stefano Grande.

There are currently 46 Bike Friendly Business locations in the core thanks to the vision of mayor and council and their commitment to making Winnipeg more cycle-friendly.

We continue to look for more partners to join in, and thank those already onboard.  We applaud the latest addition of Grey Owl Coffee and Pub who will be getting their ring installed very soon.

The Exchange District BIZ and Downtown Winnipeg BIZ are committed to leading as we pedal into the future.



Mike Brown, Public Relations

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