Bike Friendly Business



A Bike Friendly Business is one that openly supports and promotes cycling by offering services to people who ride bikes.

A virtually untapped market in our city, people riding bikes are able to stop and park on a whim much more easily than motorists, making businesses more accessible to them. Studies have shown that people who walk or ride bikes visit local merchants more frequently than other types of commuters, and spend more money at those businesses.

It’s time to show our appreciation while building loyalty and patronage, reducing environmental footprints and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

For a full list of the 40+ participating Bike Friendly Businesses, click here.

Bike Friendly Business Winnipeg

On your bike? Look for this decal in storefront windows!


To promote cycling as a healthy, responsible mode of transportation and raise the image of the Downtown as inviting and bike-friendly destinations, all the while supporting businesses in the area with new patronage and increased customer loyalty.


The objectives of the Bike Friendly Business program are as follows:

  1. To demonstrate that membership to the program can add to a positive brand image (with free promotional value), wider customer case (i.e. revenues increased) and increased loyalty (i.e. repeat business).
  2. To ensure that visitors to, and users of, the heart of the city have a more positive experience when visiting by bicycle.
  3. To change perceptions and improve the image of the heart of the city and the downtown cycling experience.

Those interested in joining the Bike Friendly Business program will have a BFB bike loop installed outside their business and be provided with a BFB decal for their storefront window/door, and a basic BFB kit which includes Winnipeg Cycling maps, a bike pump and loaner lock(s). Any business showing the BFB decal will be a known part of a network of advocates supporting cycling as a mode of transportation.

Interested businesses will be required to sign a Participant Agreement with terms including commitment to membership for a minimum of one year and agreement to keep associated bike parking accessible year-round, free of obstructions and snow.

Businesses committing to the program will have bike loops installed, free of charge, outside their business, infrastructure permitting. Locations for on-street bike parking pads will be considered, conjointly with the Winnipeg Parking Authority, and discussed as an option for businesses willing to offer a spot or loading zone for such a purpose.

Businesses that sign up to participate will be required to collect metrics to help support further development of the program. For the months of September, November, May, and June, businesses will collect three (3) counts per week of the bikes located within two (2) storefronts of their store. Each count should take less than five (5) minutes, and will be recorded on a log sheet, along with the date, time, and weather/road conditions.

This data will aid in recruitment of new businesses, help gauge demand for more bike parking in a given area, and provide support for further Active Transportation funding from the City of Winnipeg. If metrics indicate that more bike parking is needed outside the BFB business, a second loop will be installed, pending funding. Businesses may also be asked to collect similar data during other seasons in the future. Bike parking additions will be based on essential bike rack criteria, installation guidelines, and auditing process.


A standard decal will be placed in business storefronts to be easily identifiable upon entry. The decal includes a URL where information on the program and each of its participants can be found. Program Participants will also receive an estimated promotional value of $10,560 through:

  • Name and/or logo recognition on Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Facebook page and Twitter feed, Winnipeg Bike Friendly Business Network Facebook page, Downtown Peggy Twitter feed and blog, and posters;
  • Name and/or logo recognition on Program Administrators’ and partner websites, mailers, and e-newsletters;
  • Program recognition on downtown wayfinding maps.

We aim to expand the program’s scope citywide and to potentially include employee-based businesses in future years. The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ will maintain ownership and administration of the program, with the possibility of further partnerships developing. The program expansion and administration, as well as assessment of the success of and response to the adapted program will be reassessed by the steering committee annually, according to program need and resources.

Want to become a member of the Bike Friendly Business program? Email Tracey at: