Who we are and what we do at the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ


About the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

Our downtown is on Treaty 1 territory and the homeland of the Métis Nation.

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ was founded in 1989 and gives the downtown business community a strong and unified voice.

Today, building on the lessons and success of the past three decades, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and our 1,100 members are driving the transformation and renewal of the city centre – making our downtown more vibrant, welcoming, inclusive, prosperous, clean and safe.

As we celebrate the 30 years of the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, we approach the year ahead with a renewed focus on our members’ needs, an ambitious new brand, and the confidence that our downtown’s best days are the ones still to come.


The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s mission is to promote, care and advocate for a vibrant and inclusive downtown where business thrives and people are drawn to work, live, shop and explore.

Mandate (from the City By-law)

  • To promote, maintain, improve and beautify the downtown
  • To undertake and promote economic development
  • To attract and encourage the development of new businesses in the zone
  • To undertake other actions to carry out its mandate

Program Areas

  • Safewalk and Safety Initiatives
  • Outreach Services
  • Downtown Cleanliness Public Realk Initiatives
  • Advocacy Efforts
  • Event Support
  • Marketing and Communications

Our many partnerships and sponsorships are key to our success. The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ management board and staff are committed to making downtown Winnipeg a better place.

Annual Grants (Non-BIZ Levy)

Every retail/commercial/professional business in the downtown is a BIZ member. They provide the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ with a BIZ levy to support efforts to keep downtown clean and safe, and to create a positive, vibrant atmosphere. Many non-BIZ levy partners contribute to the efforts of the BIZ by providing financial support, helping to develop and grow programs to make downtown a better place for those who visit.

Downtown BIZ Reports & Publications

Downtown BIZ Stakeholders

It can be confusing hearing about what all the different downtown agencies are doing, and differentiating what each actually does and how they fit together.

Each downtown agency serves a purpose and has a specific role downtown. We also often work together on a variety of efforts, bringing to the table different skills and viewpoints.

Here’s a quick summary of all of our roles

More information about BIZ groups

Check out the City of Winnipeg‘s information about Winnipeg’s 16 business improvement zones.