Tentative City Grant Keeps BIZ Patrol Alive


Winnipeg Sun

A downtown civilian patrol will continue dealing with problem street people for another year after receiving a tentative $66,000 grant Wednesday from city hall.

But the Downtown Winnipeg Business Improvement Zone’s Outreach Program is planning to hand its work — much of which involves pulling loitering drunks off the streets — to the city’s new police cadets in 2012.

BIZ executive director Stefano Grande said he’s content with the funding and the handover plan, adding cop cadets are suited for the work.

The funding was approved by Mayor Sam Katz’s executive policy committee as part of this year’s $847-million city operating budget.

The BIZ had worried its Outreach — using specially authorized civilian members — would have to be shut down without $100,000 from the city in 2011. Grande said the BIZ should be able to find another necessary $34,000 on its own to top up the city’s cash assistance.