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The Downtown BIZ helps to create a safe, positive atmosphere downtown through strong programs like the Downtown Watch.

Easily recognized in red and black, Downtown Watch ambassadors have been walking the streets seven days a week, year round, during the day and evening since 1995. This goodwill team patrols downtown, offering directions, tourist info, first aid (CPR-certified), and assistance wherever needed. They also participate in community events and act as additional “eyes and ears” for the Winnipeg Police Service.

Call us for a SafeWalk! 958-SAFE (7233)
8:30am to 11:00pm, Monday – Sunday (subject to change on weekends)
We’re happy to walk you to and from your car or bus stop. Just ask!

Downtown Watch ambassadors provide SafeWalks for added reassurance for downtown workers, visitors and residents. When working late or leaving an event in the dark, some people find it intimidating to walk to their car or bus stop alone. The Downtown Watch are out on downtown’s streets to assist you, and welcome any calls for SafeWalks. For a SafeWalk, call the Downtown Watch at 958-SAFE (7233).

92% of downtown businesses say the Watch program is effective. 77% of downtown businesses say the Watch increases the public’s sense of safety
– 2007 Downtown BIZ member survey

Ambassadors do not make arrests or carry weapons, but have been trained in non-confrontational mediation techniques. Equipped with two-way radios, the Downtown Watch ambassadors can quickly report any criminal activity to the Winnipeg Police Service.

Currently, there are 25 Watch Ambassadors and over 290 volunteers  making a difference in downtown Winnipeg.  In the summer, ambassadors patrol the neighbourhood on bicycles, responding to calls with increased speed. Watch Ambassadors work closely with downtown residents and businesses and also offer safety presentations.

The Downtown Watch are about more than safety – they’re also ambassadors of downtown and experts on what’s going on in the heart of Winnipeg! Looking for directions? Info on local events?  Ask a Watch Ambassador!


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