Placemaking Initiatives


Placemaking Summit

The Downtown Winnipeg Placemaking Summit was created to involve as many stakeholders and participants as possible.  Placemaking needs to be created from the vision of the community.  Before we asked the public too many general questions regarding our City it was determined that some guidance would be given to jump start the conversations. Read full report here

Public Engagement

Placemaking is an approach that helps to shape a community through planning, design and management of public spaces.  It focuses on a community’s potential and helps to bring people together, promoting health, happiness and well-being.

Creating spaces based on public engagement ensures that spaces are designed for the people that are actually using them.  By asking the public their opinions about design and use of space, it helps to empower citizens, brings together new ideas, and increase mass collaboration.

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ spent several weeks during the summer months engaging the public during lunch hours, where the greatest amount of people would be situated.  People were encouraged to participate in conversation about various locations in the downtown and what types of design solutions they would like to see to help improve the usage and enjoyment of these locations.

Business Communication

Following the outdoor public engagement sessions at the Downtown Farmers’ Market location at Manitoba Hydro, the Downtown BIZ has continued to engage the downtown community by holding information sessions near each of the three proposed pop-up locations.

For each session, invitations were sent out that would target businesses in and around the proposed location.  Businesses and residents were invited to attend sessions to hear proposals and give their feedback.

For those businesses that could not attend the information sessions, one-on-one meetings will be set up to gain feedback throughout the remainder of November and December 2017.  The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is dedicated and determined to hear from as many people in the downtown community as possible.  It is important to gain support from the people these project will affect the most.

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As part of the outreach for the proposed placemaking projects, the success of these projects will depend greatly on the partnerships with various City of Winnipeg departments.  Meeting with Winnipeg Transit, Winnipeg Parking Authority, Public Works, Property Planning and Development as well as the Mayor will help to inform important partners of the proposed projects, and gain feedback on best methods and practices of the City of Winnipeg.  Meeting one-on-one with each city department will help to keep the information flowing to ensure smooth planning and implementation of the each project.

Preliminary Report

The Placemaking Document provides a summary of the activation projects and strategies that were the result of the Placemaking Summit, and the public and private consultations.  The document will also provide a summary of re-occurring issues that will be provided to various partners to help inform change. View the report here.

Next Steps

  • Gather key stakeholders and designers together at Placemaking Summit – May 2017
  • Evaluate spaces and opportunities – June-September 2017
  • Public consultation through pop-up engagement – August-September 2017
  • Annual general meeting and report preliminary plans – November 2017
  • Business community and immediate stakeholder engagement – October-December 2017
  • Finalize project plans and connect with contractors – December 2017-January 2018
  • Short term pop-up implementation – June-September 2018
  • Re-evaluation of projects with public, business community and stakeholders – September-November 2018
  • Long term experiment and implementation – 2018
  • On-going evaluation

We want to hear from you!

  • What are your thoughts on the proposed Placemaking Initiatives for Downtown Winnipeg?
  • What are your thoughts on the three proposed pop-up locations and their design suggestions?
  • Are there other elements that should be added to these locations?
  • What types of events should take place in these three pop-ups depending on their size and location?
  • Any other comments and suggestions?